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March 29, 2008


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hey, kara. glad your mom is feeling better and you are sharing your cuteness with the masses. :)

Hi Kara! Thanks for updating us!

EEEEE!! I do love that baby. I can't believe she's rolling! Good God, what's next?! Driving? Dating my son? ;o)

I was thrilled to see your name in my feed reader today, even though I still get to talk to you in real life.

Hi Kara with all the hair-a! You are so cute and are justified in sharing that with the masses. Nothing helps "adults" de-stress better than watching a movie and seeing cute baby pics. Say hi to your mom for me!

Your first post is simply delightful complete with humor, pictures, drama, and wisdom. I cannot wait to see and to hold you this weekend.

Good job, Kara. Your writing is really advanced. Everything is moving ahead. You have it all figured out.

How cute she is!!! I always wondered what the story behind that picture was. (I wasn't around here back in 2005.) Are you saying those glasses were really $2200? ($3/day * 2 years * 365 days per year)

Katie: No way! They were $220. My mom's just stupid and can't do math. See the comments section of that entry for more.

Hello little darling! You look smashing. I am so excited that you are getting a house, your parents are very very wise. Tell them not to worry about moving closer to Chicago, that will fall into place when the time is right. Until then, maybe you will have an extra room for family to visit? Good job on the rolling over! What a grown girl you are. Take a breather for a bit, let Mom and Dad get used to this before you go and blow their minds with something else.
Tell Mamma we miss her but hope she is enjoying her break.
Kisses sweetie!

Kara, you're just so cute! I'm glad I keep checking for updates!
And just so you know, I still listen to Hanson too! They pretty much rock! :)

Kara, you feel free to post anytime you want. You're clearly getting your mom's sense of humor, which is a good thing. Plus, I love the 'do. Way to bring back the Flock of Seagulls look :-)

(P.S. Tell your mom I'm glad she's feeling better.)

Stay away from my toes you crazy baby!

Hi Kara, if Momma ever decides to throw in the blogging towel you could totally take this site over. I'd miss her, but you're seriously adorable and have me, at present, looking down at my own belly and saying, "Be a girl, be a girl, be a girl!! Especially the kind with dark dark hair!"

A house is a very exciting thing, and I hope you get your wish of a decorator! I hope we hear from you soon

Oh thank God I was sooo worried we wouldn't get any more pics of Kara. Also, her hair is the most awesomeist awesome of all

Kara, Thanks so much for the update. As always, the pictures are fantastic. You keep on your mom to at least post those on a regular basis!

She is just absolutely gorgeous. Glad you've updated and look forward to more posts.

Thanks for the update, Kara! And your adorableness really does make my day better- esp. that last photo. :)

Oh, Kara, you are a MASTER of the "your mom" joke already! You make us all proud. And how sweet are you in your hat and your strawberry outfit? So good to hear from you. ;) (Maybe I'd get more hits on my blog if Dean started writing it...hmmmm)

Writing a great post and rolling over all in one week. Watch out world, here comes Kara!

Kara - Enjoy sucking on your toes while you can. When you get older, it gets MUCH harder. Still doable, but harder. :)

Kara, I love your pink polka-dotted pjs! Do you think they make them for 26 year olds?

I love it when Kara updates. And I love hearing that her mommy isn't crying anymore!

Good to hear from you Kara. You write very well and I love the pics. Thanks for sharing with us and hopefully your mom will be back soon.

Hi Kara! Love the pink polkadotted sleeper. My daugher is 10 days younger than you and has the exact same one! Sounds like your Mommy is doing much better. Glad to hear it!

Way to work in a couple of "your mom" jokes, Kara! Glad to hear everyone's having at good time in your neck of the woods.

Glad I checked this blog today! Kara - too cute. And clearly a genius for the whole foot-sucking thing.

Aw, so sweet!
What a cute post!
Glad to see that "your Mommy" is doing so much better. :-)

That is the cutest damn post ever!!!

So glad to see something new and from Kara yet - yippee!

Glad your momma is feeling better about things - thanks for posting in her hiatus - feel free to come back anytime!

Kara, you are adorable!

My oh my Kara, you are sooooooooooooo beautiful baby! Auntie can't wait to see you and your parents. XOXO

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