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April 03, 2008


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I'd love to kiss those big IRISH cheeks!

(The best part is "No?")
Kara, you have the sweetest smile!

Oh, Kara! You are too much! The hair, the cheeks, the dimples, the comedy... I'm dying over here! Perhaps you should solicit some sort of commission for your efforts? Let me know if you need assistance!

THere is no way she could forget those looks, Kara! They must have known you were eavesdropping.

I almost left Charlie unattended while I ran to the video store when he was like five days old. My mom was like "Uh, why don't I stay with Charlie?" but her eyes said "Maybe you need to stop taking so many painkillers?"

I just finished teaching that play to my 10th graders. I never grow tired of the film version!
What a smile on that girl! So sweet...

She is super cute. Definitely a Frema Mini-Me. :)

*lol* I'm the same way!!!

I may take my dad to see 12 Angry Men...haven't decided yet...but it looks good!

Oh. My. God. She is freaking adorable. ADORABLE!!! And that hair. Why do all the babies in blogland have more hair than my 20 month old?

I remember 12 Angry Men! I totally hid behind the door during one of the shows in order to hold it shut because it wouldn't stay shut on its own.

Ah, the MHS drama dept. Those were the days! That was also where I got to meet you for the first time! :)

Baby sitters would pay money to watch Kara.


And so the mommy brain makes it's first offensive strike. It's WAR I tell you, WAR!

I'm sure you would have remembered her by, like, intermission.

Don't feel bad. When I was pregnant in December 2005, I actually BOUGHT TICKETS FOR THE BIG TEN TOURNAMENT in town. I thought, gee, I won't be working in March. DUH. You won't be working because you will HAVE AN INFANT. I had to sell my tickets. Sadness. (but happiness! Infant!)

Well this baby isn't The Darkest Child at all!

Funny! Hope is a month older than Kara and I am still getting in the hang of having a baby around.

Kara is too cute, by-the-way!!

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