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April 17, 2008


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OH DEAR. I love every bit of it. Especially the second NKOTB one - it looks like she has her little hand on her hip :)

Oh Kara, you are too cute. Thanks for the laughs!

ps. Happy 4 month birthday. Do I smell cake?

Oh. My. Sweet. Jeebus.


Too cute! And Isabel did a fantastic job on the onesies!

My coworker just asked me "what are you giggling about?".


Because seriously, to precious. And I LOVE seeing May and my handy-work in action. (The NKOTB one is especially appropriate since they are getting back together.) And dude, Rhett Miller is hott.

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these precious pictures. (The best part is that I was able to actually hand deliver these to you.)

Oh, how adorable!! And Isabel, how talented!

Happy 4th month, Kara! You're the coolest.
(Oh, my gosh, I can't believe she's 4 months old already!)

Oh my dear Lord! I was not prepared for the cuteness in this post!!

Happy 4 months, Baby Kara!!

I was loving the pictures. :o)

Kara, you have the best pop culture wardrobe of anyone I've ever seen. And at four months, that's quite impressive.

Ask your Mommy how McAlister's was... I've been wanting to try it!

4 months old!?! She's so cute - and I love, love the hair. The new mullet - I'm laughing out loud!

Kara, this is your best post ever. Keep it coming with the pics. I'm loving the business on the side.

Those are fabulous onesies!!! And she is darling as a model!

She seriously has the greatest facial expressions ever seen on an infant.

And also, you pull off the baby narrator without annoying me in the least. A triumph, I tell you!

Happy Birthday Kara. You certainly are stylin' in your lovely clothes from Auntie Isabel.

I just re-read this and got really excited to see McAlister's Deli mentioned! The original McAlister's is in my hometown of Oxford, Mississippi! It used to be a garage, then they turned it into a deli. (You know us crazy southerners.) Anyway, McA's has the best honey mustard in the world.
Kara, get your mom to get you some Kentucky Pie!

Happy day baby! I hope now that you have hit the big four months that you are sleeping better.

Kara, that was a fabulous post. Happy four-month birthday to you! And MY GOD, you have incredible hair...so cute!

And to your mommy - I'm too lazy to sign up for a parents.com account and haven't been commenting on her blog there, but as far as Kara's little sleeping "issues" and what to confess to the doctor? Let me just tell you, if it makes you feel any better at all...I FINALLY learned (third time's a charm, right?) to do whatever I have to to get by and get some damn sleep. I lost a lot of sleep with my first two kids while training them to fall asleep on their own in their crib. Delaney is 8 months old and still naps and sleeps in her carseat. I only feel minimally guilty about that decision, AND I'm well rested. And I'm NOT telling the doctor. :)

Oh.......the adorableness is painful!!!!

Wow, Kara! You are a better blogger than me and I'm so much older!

And you're so much cuter! I love your hair!

Aw, she is adorable!
Love the commentary - ha ha! Too cute!

Oh Kara, how do I want to squeeze thee? Let me count the ways. When does Kara get her own domain?! :)

Her expressions are unbelievable! What an expressive baby! Super cute.

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