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May 12, 2008


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This is a fantastic post. Very inspiring. Maybe I should "swallow my tears and bit(e) my tongue" over that whole stay at home mom thing. Four years later, I still can't give up the dream or the attendant resentment. Though my situation is slightly different than yours ;-)

What a great post! Congrats for making it thus far. My hope for you is many more blessed years to come...

best wishes to you and luke for a very happy, very special anniversary.
may your love always grow.

What a wonderful post and a wonderful couple! Happy anniversary.

"It's much easier to scrap the whole thing and start over with someone new." So true. It's the choice to stick with someone through the rough patches (either personal and/or as a couple) that is hard. You said it better.

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

This is so honest and so true. Thank you for sharing it.

Happy Anniversary!!
I love this post. Being in our 6th year of marriage, my husband and I couldn't agree more with what you've written here.
We also have a slightly less "conventional" marriage, but for now, things couldn't work any other way and we're very satisfied with our system.
We've seen more than one young couple around our age divorce, and part of the reason was that they tried to force their marriages into a certain mold with certain preconceived notions, and...well, who they were as people and as couples didn't fit that mold. Granted, it wasn't the only reason for the divorces, but I'm glad you emphasized getting rid of such notions in order to make your family the best it can be. Everything else you've pointed out- esp. having to apologize (so hard!), accepting shortcomings and CHOOSING to be committed- all of those are key ingredients in our success as a married couple, too.:)
Congratulations to you and Luke!!!

Happy 2nd Anniversary! It's funny that just two years ago, both of us were taking walks down the aisle. Now our lives are so completely different. I thought my life had changed post-marriage, but yours REALLY changed. I'm sure I'll be there too someday.

Happy Anniversary!!!! (I took that picture! hee hee)

What a lovely post Frema. Congratulations to you both - wait. To all 3 of you!

What a beautiful post. Happy (a day late) 2nd anniversary! :) Kara is looking beautiful!

Happy Anniversary!!

That was a beautifully written post, and so true.

I think you've really hit the nail on the head with this post. I'm likewise rather new to marriage (almost 2 1/2 years) and there are indeed times when you are presented with choices and you must choose to be together.

It's the difference between staying and talking an issue through vs. leaving the house and sleeping somewhere else. It's choosing to forgive your spouse even when they've hurt your feelings so badly you feel injured. It's giving up the last brownie when your spouse has had a worse day than you even though you were looking forward to eating it all day.

I respect your views on this and have faith that you and Luke will continue to thrive in your marriage. You're a beautiful family and I wish you the very happiest of anniversaries!

I love, adore and treasure love - thank you for sharing yours!

My partner and I are in our eighth year of marriage and I think we are closer now and get on better than we ever have before.

We got married very young [18 for me; 19 for her] and a lot of people said it wouldn't work, but her Dad said that we'd grow up and grow together and he was right.

This: "I don't have to worry about whether or not we'll make it. The alternative is no longer an option." - is exactly how I feel about it too.

Dang, girl, that post made me tear up. Beautifully written by a beautiful woman. Love to all three of you on your anniversary. Ok, now give an extra squeeze to Kara. And another. That girl is too cute. Thank you.

That was beautiful. Happy Anniversary to you and Luke. Without a doubt there will be many many more in your future.

Happy Anniversary to you and Luke. As I read your post, I am listening to your wedding CD. The words of Sara Evans in "A Real Fine Place to Start" seem to resonate with your profound thoughts.

Happy Number Two. It is a great joy to be part of all those years together.

Oh, the first time the difficulties are tangible really IS shocking, isn't it? It's like everything else in life: you hear and watch and empathize with the rest of the world and then it happens to YOU and you think-my God. THIS is what it feels like? THIS is why people run away or change their mind. I GET it. Wow. It's hard.
The maturity, humility and patience required to stick it out astounds me sometimes. Glad you're finding it when you need it.
Happy anniversary.

Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary! What a cute family. :)

ok, first off, happy anniversary!!

second, i really have to thank you for sharing the fears/hesitations you had before your wedding. you and i must have the same brains because i am SO TOTALLY THE SAME. the whole "second-guessing" thing is something i do ALL. THE. TIME. even when just trying to figure out what i want to eat for lunch! so anyway, knowing that there is another out there made me feel less psycho. :) I am definitely struggling with the marriage thing right now (4 months to go!). I don't want to lose things that make me me, but I also want to stop being selfish and start thinking in terms of "we". If you possibly have any advice or strategy, send me a note. :)

Happy Anniversary!!! I love how you talk about what it REALLY means to have a relationship. I worry so much about all the things you talk about in your pre~marriage state. Glad to know I'm not the only one, and that in the end, things will be ok. :)

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