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May 31, 2008


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First of all, I want your money back for the 5 faulty pregnancy tests!

But, you'll be fine. Totally.

Congratulations!! You'll be fine. Better than fine, even. You'll be terrifically fantastic, and Kara and the newbie will be the cutest little buddies.

congrats! you will do fine, it all will fall in place (one way or another). Are you not so excited? More babies!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD!!! I'm so excited for you!! I know it's a little scary for you right now, but you've been such amazing parents for Kara, and I know that you'll be just as fantastic for any other babies that come into your family :) Congratulations!


I am very excited for you! Everything WILL be fine. You've done wonderful so far and I have no doubt you will continue to do so.

Yes - I would like to see you get your money back on the tests also. ;)

WOW! Congratulations indeed! And think how you've spared yourself all those long conversations about when to have a second child!

Oh wow I am SO EXCITED for you Bree!!! You're in for (I'm guessing) an intense experience but one that with all your preparation and organizational skills you'll handle just fine. Plus you have the world's (2nd) best husband for support right?! Have I mentioned how cute Kara is? I just dragged Brad in here to look at the picture and even Mr. No More Kids broke out into a goofy sappy grin. Then he said something about Kara seeming so advanced compared to Megan because - hello - she SITS UP LIKE A BIG GIRL and our kid is just slump slump slump. Anyway I'm thrilled for you and look forward to following this pregnancy too! Take care and try to get lots of rest for the next 8 months or so:)

Oh Bree, it's not only going to be okay it is going to be fantastic! Huge congrats. I wish you had a recording of the phone call from your Dr.. Im betting there were crickets when they told you, you HAD to have been speachless.
Good luck just the same. Everyone says each pregnancy is different. I hope this one is easy on you.

I do so love that we now have a surprise pregnancy club. Hooray for babies Kara, Marin and their new little pal!

You guys really will be okay. What mental stability I'm gaining in age gap between kids, I'm losing in quantity of kids. We'll just keep on keepin on with our Saturday mom's breakfasts, and pull our hair out together. :o)

Congratulations! And I do know people who have had VBAC...you might not have to get 2 C-sections.

OH MY GOODNESS!! CONGRATULATIONS! How fun, a surprise pregnancy! I'm so excited for you, which is weird, because it's not like I'll even get to hold the baby or anything. (and I laughed out loud about your boss thinking you're a nympho).

See? This is exactly why I kept my mouth shut about the Five-Negative-Tests thing. SAME thing happened to me with my daughter. Yikes.

But you will TOTALLY be okay. Better than okay! You are FABULOUS parents (This is me, envious) to Kara and she will just LOVE LOVE LOVE having a baby sibling. <3

Wow! My best friend has two via csection that are 15 months apart. She said the first year with two was a complete blue, but now things are settling down.

It's going to be OK. Your little family is growing! Which is fabulous. I think Kara will really enjoy growing up with a sibling so close in age to her. (Well, not ALL the time. But it'll be good in the long run, I promise.) Congratulations!

And, hey, at least now you know you were actually paying for SOMETHING all those years you spent on birth control....

Congratulations! I know you are a little bit freaking out right now, but you guys are great parents to Kara! You will do well with number two, too :)

Wow Bree!!! Congratulations! That little nugget in your tummy is lucky to have you as a mama. Do I smell an Indy-blogger baby shower???

It's going to be wonderful! Congratulations!!!

Am I the only one who thought the jelly bean blog sounded like total pregnant talk?! Congratulations!!!

OMG, I saw the title and totally knew you were pregnant. aaaaah! Congrats!!!!!!! It will be awesome. Crazy, insane, hard, but so so awesome.

(And I hope your boss doesn't *really* think you're a nympho. lol)

What was up with all the negative pregnancy tests???

HOW EXCITING!!! I know that this presents some major challenges for you, but it will also give you another precious baby!! Congratulations a thousand times over! Besides, challenges would be there no matter what spacing you had. There will be so many benefits to having them this close, especially if you are done after two :-D My sister and I are 13 months apart.

Congratulations again!!

Congrats! How crazy, but I also have faith that you can totally do this.

It's going to be great. Plus, how cool that Kara and Baby Bear(a) are going to be so close in age?

Also, Kara is getting so big! Sitting by herself?

OMG, this is so cool. I'm happy for you!

And I took 3 negative pregancy tests before giving up and going to the doctor with my second child. No idea why they failed.

Congratulations. Welcome to the surprise club. Of course, I am a much older member than you and Molly, but I still remember all the emotions that one goes through. I do remember after Ben, that I wouldn't even go to the bathroom after my husband, just in case. I felt like a fertile Mertyl. Good luck. Hopefully you will feel better this time around, in the beginning anyway!

Congratulations! I don't think I will ever trust a negative pee stick again. We are still discussing when to start trying for baby number one. At times, a surprise pregnancy sounds lovely because it would take all of the "when" discussion away, and we would just be having a baby. Best of luck to all of you!


I am so excited for you, and keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy pregnancy for you.

You are probably freaking, but just hang in there, girl! :)

You will be perfectly fine! All of mine were close together and now that they are older it is sooo much fun!

It's going to be OK! Honest! In 8ish months, you will wonder how life could be without baby #2. It's scary, but you will figure it out, and you'll have fun doing it! Congrats!

Surprise baby!

Wish you all the best and if I could I'd totally be offering my baby sitting services.

Holy crap, I'm still recovering from reading it on Parents. I'm so shocked. I think it's great, obviously it was "supposed" to happen this way. Someone is obviously trying to take the reins from you so let it go (like you seem to be doing). WOW! I say at least you won't be out of practice (I just this week was reminded that babies can't/shouldn't drink water...I feel like I need to re-read something or take a class, and my kid is only 2).

And the nympho thing...I can't get over all the comments about my "extracurricular activities" (AT WORK!) since this is my second pregnancy. I'm married for Pete's sake!

What a (happy) surprise! I'm really excited for you - and can't wait to read your updates. Congrats!

The Mistah and his sister (sistah?!) are 18 months apart and their mother, my mother-in-law, says that it's just the first year that's, erm, challenging. But when they get older, they're Best Friends. She was telling me last night about the times that their individual friends call to see if one could come and play and The Mistah would say "I'm playing with my sister, sorry!"
It will be fine. In fact, it will be more than fine. It will be extra fine!

It'll be okay... it'll be MORE than okay.


I've been keeping up with both of your blogs and was sure the test would be negative! BUT, I am thrilled for you!!!! God works in mysterious ways. I mean, there will be some trying moments I'm sure...right? But oh my gosh, you must feel so blessed!! Congratulations, my friend!

Wow. Congrats and good luck!! ;) When I read the title of your post, I had to laugh...because every time I make a lunchmeat sandwich I think about how much I HATED heating it when I was pregnant...and my little girl just turned 2-and-a-half. :)

Holy crap. How exciting! Of EFFING COURSE it will be okay. It will be great! Let's focus on the joy of the situation!

Psshaw. Of course it will be fine. And Congratulations!

Woohoo! Everything is going to be perfectly fine! My sister and I are 15 months apart (I'm the older one). Growing up, we tended to argue a bunch, but now that we are older it is GREAT. It is so nice to have someone to talk to about anything :)

It will be okay. IT WILL.

It will also be really, REALLY hard in the beginning. My kids are 20 months apart. I think it will be even harder for you.

But. It will be okay. IT WILL.

Hold tight and remember to breathe. *hugs*

I wanted to chime in and say that the first 6 months were the hardest for me (if that helps? no?)

Okay. I am shutting up right about..... now.

Oh my goodness! Congrats! Awesome, awesome, awesome news!

First of all, Kara looks so adorable in that picture I just want to kidnap her. I hope my little girl is that cute!

Second, although I can't speak to actually HAVING two children yet, I can tell you that my body is doing this pregnancy thing much better this time. I've had about 1/10th the painful symptoms I had the first time, maybe less. Maybe 3 bad episodes of round ligament pain, no sciatica yet, etc.

You'll be fine. In fact, you'll be great. :)

It for sure is super fine with me. Number one daughter needs a play mate. The second time should be easy compared to the first time.

You will be great, don't worry! congratulations!


Hey, I've got them 12 months apart...you'll live...eventually

Hugs honey. Excited for you. Congrats.. now breathe.

I am proof that you can still have a period and be pregnant, and now you are proof you can have negative pee sticks and still be.

G was 10 weeks when I got preggo with D... they are just shy of 11 months apart.. it was hard at first, but now.. I would not change it for the world... they thrive on each other and it is wonderful to see.


EEEEEK!!!!! Congratulations!!!

It will be ok. I don't have the personal experience of birthing kids that close, but my ex had 2 kids that were 11 months apart and they were so so so close. Kara and her baby brother/sister will be best friends!! And you and Luke will definitely make it work. You've got so much love to give and are wonderful parents to Kara, why shouldn't another child get to experience that.

Congratulations!!!! Wow! What a surprise!

You're an extremely smart and organized woman and you'll do just fine with two babies so close in age.

(Also, I still feel really bad for the poorly worded comment I left on your last post).

Oh wow! Congratulaitons!

I thought of you all weekend but couldn't check the computer because the kids were sick.

CONGRATULATIONS!! It is going to be so much more than ok- it's going to be fantastic! Two of my brothers are less than a year apart (one born on May 12 the other born May 2 the next year) and they are great friends! I am so excited for you, Luke and Kara.

Yeah. SO. Been down that road. Except mine were thirteen months, one week apart. I totally have you beat.

It's going to be different. And all those crap pregnancy things that happened with the first pregnancy? You'll most likely be feeling them about 2 months earlier with this one.

If you want honest feedback about what it's really like, feel free to email. I won't say it's easy, because it's not. But mine are three and four now, and I cannot imagine it differently. I LOVE having mine so close. They are best friends, and it's so much fun to take them places.

It's not easy the first year, but after that, it's so totally awesome. Sorry. Not trying to sound down, just honest.

Ok, so well I was one who told you not to worry! But really, you can hear it in your "voice" how really awesome this is. I'm so thrilled for you, Luke and Kara (she'll be a great big sister!)

Wow. That's all.

How can the home PT's not work? - you really need your money back!

DUDE. At first I thought for sure you were knocked up. And then I figured you weren't...after so many negatives.

So um, give me some time to think some more about this. As of right now...I'M FREAKING OUT.

(But in a good way.)

It's totally going to be okay!! And Congrats!! That's pretty much exactly how I felt when I realized I was pregnant when Aiden was 9 months old. My two will be 18 months apart, so not much more than yours will be. :-)

OMFG. I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open. I can't believe it! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Second of all, it will be OK. Third of all, HOLY CRAP! You're having another baby! Fourth of all... CONGRATS! YOU'RE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!

Congratulations! This is so exciting for you!!! (Sometimes I think we mix really-freaking-scary and really-freaking-exciting in our minds... They are very similar feelings!) It will be SO OK that it will be amazing and you won't be able to imagine life any differently. So happy for you, Luke, and Kara! I'll say a prayer for you're little family every day :-)

You will be MORE than fine. You are already SUCH a great mom, not to mention you have the suppport of a great husband as well. You will be FINE.

Congrats! I had a negative preg test too and internal exam where doctor said "Uterus looks fine" Then had blood work and what do you know, I was pregnant. Keep us posted!!! CONGRATS!!!!

Oh CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you. This is wonderful news, and OF COURSE it's going to be okay. You have your priorities in line and Kara will never want for someone who knows where she came from. CONGRATS!

You will TOTALLY be fine- because, well, you have to. It is kind of like swimming. It is shocking to just jump right in, but in the end WAY better than all that slow wading. My girls are 16 months apart, and truthfully it wasn't as bad as I had been led to believe. It still isn't and little H is only a couple weeks older than Kara. Who is SO CUTE btw- and sitting up so well! Plus they will be great friends growing up, just watch out for all the looks and comments- you thought it was bad before... wait until they see you big and pregnant and carrying around a one year old! None of their BUSINESS how far apart they are!!!

Congrats! How exciting and overwhelming! I'm kind of jealous because I totally want to have a surprise baby because then I won't have to make that hard decision of when to have another one.

Fortunately you make beautiful babies so you're doing the world a favor!

Oh, wow. Yes, it'll be okay! Just like now, you'll do what you have to do, and won't it be nice for Kara to have a playmate so close in age?! Congratulations--take a deep breath and enjoy it.

i's going to be more than okay! it's going to be great!

It will be glorious. Just look at beautiful baby number one.


i mean



Congrats, and also, holy shit!

Holy cats! Congratulations! Now you know where that jelly bean craving madness came from! ;)

Like I said over at Parents, I am SHOCKED that many pee sticks can be wrong. But I am very happy for you, Kara, and Luke.

That picture of Kara is precious, by the way. She has SO MUCH MORE hair than my daughter who is only 10 days younger!!

Congrats! My sister-in-law is due in January with her second, who will only be 14 months behind her first. I'm not sure I could do it, but good luck to you!

HOLY CRAP!!! I KNEW IT! I hadn't come by your blog for about a week, and today I was thinking "I should really see if Frema started her period yet". And WHEEEEE! There it was - another bayyyyy-beee!

You've got me beat - my first two are 19 months apart. It will be hard, there's just no lying about that (I vaguely remember Laura being a baby...) - but it really will be okay! And they will be so close. Congrats!

Hmmm. That sounded weird. OF COURSE they'll be CLOSE. I just meant "bonded in sibling love" close, not close in age. Duh.

Shit. One more - sorry. Prepare for the shock you will receive when bringing baby #2 home from the hospital - Kara will look like a Baby Giant.

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