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May 16, 2008


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Now that you mention it, your hair does look great. It's getting very long!

That must have been quite disappointing to show up and be one of only seven. My 10-year HS graduation anniversary is next year. I guess I might go if there was a reunion, but I'd probably try to stick around a few close friends. I'd be too chicken to talk to anyone else.

Your hair is kick ass! I would be one of those people that didn't bother to show up at her 10 year reunion. My reason being, I still saw everyone I wanted to see. Terrible. I plan on going to my 15 which should be next summer. Gah! I feel kinda old.

Aaah Maria stairs!! I'm imagining Mrs. Weaver hidden at the bottom, scolding you and Luke to "STAY QUIET ON THOSE STEPS!" Haha.

You do look fabulous!

Seriously, you look FANTASTIC! And your hair IS beautiful!
I went to my 10 year reunion (um, 8 years ago?) and it was a lot of fun. But what really struck me was how I felt everyone just automatically resumed their "old" personalities. I almost immediately felt as if I were 16 years old again...but holding a cocktail. I'm glad I went, but as much as I enjoyed high school, I realize how that experience is just a tiny piece of the puzzle that makes me. I'm sure my 20 year reunion will be much different--families and children and whatnot.

I'm skipping my 10 year college reunion this year. (Erica and I can be old together) I'm not sure that my HS class even had a 10yr reunion.

But your hair is verrry nice.

Your hair looks very pretty and shiny! And witty! ;)

Your hair really does look magnificent! And cute dress :)

Hmm, on closer inspection it appears to be less a dress and more a skirt/top combo. Am blind. But I still can tell your hair is gorgeous!

Actually, I was going to compliment your hair! It looks great. Is it longer now? A darker color?

Don't get me wrong- it was adorable before, too. But I did notice a difference...

I was going to say your hair looked great before you instructed us to compliment your hair, just so you know.

You look awesome! Your high school experience is enviable... I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Supporting yourself through college is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud, but I hope you know that not everyone lucky enough to be supported by their parents in is ungrateful and spoiled. It's just one thing of many that makes each of us who we are.

Great hair! You are lucky that you loved high school so much - many many many of us probably can't make the same claim. My 10 year reunion was 5 years ago so YAY you can feel young in comparison :) Good luck with the Aunt Flo watch.

My ten year was in September and only about 1/4 of my class showed up. I'm sure it had NOTHING to do with the $80 ticket price. That can't be it.

You truely look beautiful looking up into the camera. Looking pretty hot for someone who just gave birth 5 months ago. I have gone to several reunions and they are always bitter sweet. More people seem to show up for the 15-20 yr reunions. Those are actually the ones that were the most fun.But by then we have all had a few kids and it was so stressful trying to still look good. And speaking of looking good, that Kara is such a cute girl. Can't wait to hear if she is going to become a big sis soon.

Your hair does look very nice. And I also like the outfit. And I find myself totally never writing about real things that happen to me that I have actual emotions about because... it just never comes out right.

Oh Bree! Seven people!?!?! Argh. I'm trying to convince Adele that her and I need to go to ours next year....but for her to fly in from NY, and me to fly in from CA...just to see seven people. Yikes. You totally look fabulous in the picture :) Although, seeing you on the MHS stairs totally gave me flashbacks to seeing you in your yellow polo, waiting for rehearsal to start for Midsummer :) Take care

Okay, I really wasn't going to comment because, not yet having experienced a high school reunion, I don't have anything to add, but then I saw your hair! And it is absolutely gorgeous!!

I must admit, my husband's 10 year reunion is this year and we won't be able to go because he will be deployed, and my reunion will be in two years and I probably won't go just because we're so far away now and it seems impractical. We live in a day and age where people are so far flung, and with the advent of facebook and other online social networking resources, I don't really feel that need to see where everyone is in their life. Now, the 25th year reunion is the one I'm looking forward to ;)

Your hair does look great--that's a beautiful picture!

I didn't get to go to my ten-year reunion because I'd just started a new job and didn't have any vacation time yet. The one good friend of mine who went said it wasn't worth it anyway, which made me sad. I LOVED high school, especially any and all parts involving our dance team, the Bronco Belles, for which I served as captain. Oh, yeah. I've since reconnected with a lot of people through my blog and a couple of social networking sites, so that makes me happy.

Going to the 10th was a good thing. Seeing people of which there was a common background is a good thing, also. It functions as a way to view progress through out life from a common frame of reference.

Let X = the number of people in your class. Then X-7 = the number of people that miss out on a good thing. The % of losers would be (X-7)/X *100.

Ok so... ready to feel old... my 10 year reunion is still 5 years away. Am looking forward to it nonetheless. So many of us already have children, husbands and real adult lives that we've changed a lot. I keep up with some friends through MySpace, but it's not the same!

liz said "I'm sure my 20 year reunion will be much different--families and children and whatnot."

bwahahahaha! Apparently you didn't grow up in Utah. By my 20 year reunion, a lot of us will have our kids nearly grown up and out of the house. Well, maybe that's not entirely true. We'll have grown kids, but we'll have teens and preteens and kids and babies too ;-) I'm only 9 years post-high school and I already know of several people who have 4-5 kids.

You know, the real reason I checked your blog last night was to see if there was a pregnancy update! But then I got distracted by the comments. So, any news?

Well? Is the Great Aunt Flo Watch over?

you deleted my original comment... muhahaha.. Oh well...
Like I said, you two are great parents. Also your hair does look really good. You're a beautiful person.

Your hair does look awesome!!!! It is getting long and I love that look on you!!

Your hair looks lush and gorgeous, my dear! What's with only seven people showing up for the reunion? I couldn't make it to my 10 year, but I'd love to go to my 20 year...someday, if we have it. Apathy was our class forte.

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