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May 26, 2008


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Hmmm, I thought Koala bears were cuter. Guess not. But, it does remind me to take Ryan to our zoo while we still have the Pandas. Man, I can't believe I had forgotten to to take her to the zoo!

WAIT, 90210 is $20 at Target!?! Be right back...

And, I'm going to need to get a Koala. That is pretty darn cute.

Loved Juno. I saw it two days before having my munchkin and I believe I got choked up more than once....

Also, we live a couple blocks from our zoo and I can't wait to get a membership so we can go all the time! It's a teeny zoo, but still.

So much fun! How did she do at the zoo? We have been talking about going but not sure if Nathan would really dig it yet..If long weekends arent for a little stumble off the wagon then what good are they?
Also, your skin is looking AMAZING! Are you using the Acne kit or something else?

Your little family is totally awesome...not that I am biased.

"turning down a cup of milk with dinner because I'd rather spend the points on cookies (the Weight Watchers ones, of course)."

When I was on WW, I TOTALLY did this all the time, except I opted for Oreos...

I am so happy to know that I am not the only one that cried (a few times) while watching Juno!!

Love those pictures of all of you and what a fun time! I am gonna have to buy a season pass to the zoo this year as it costs as much for all of us to go once as it would for the pass.

Um, Kara's bum is so darn cute! I just want to squeeze it! Also -- what's with the stroller wheels -- doesn't it look like the one on the right is set back further than the wheel on the left?

Those are great pictures from the zoo. I definitely know what you mean about walking in and saying that it was all you wanted. I, too, have felt that way doing certain family activities. Though the first time we ever took KJ to the zoo, a sea gull pooped on his head not five minutes in the gate.

Our next big "all I wanted" is to take family pictures with FIVE of us this fall. So exciting.

Aw, kids and animals. Two of my favorite things. I love how fascinated Kara is by her hands.

A few things (in list form, of course) - some not related to this post, per say, but I thought I'd combine my thoughts into one, convenient reading location:

1) I cannot get over how absolutely adorable Kara is! I just want to squeeze her! God she's cute!

2) I love that your little family does things like go to the zoo. There are way too many people who think babies are "too little" for stuff like that. You guys are awesome parents - and I don't even know you!

3) Seriously? I can't believe people dogged on you (no pun intended) about the dog thing. You're a grown woman who can think any thought you want and who gets paid to write those thoughts down. NO ONE has the right to say anything about how you parent - or how you think, for that matter. People are stupid, and you rock :-)

4) My uncle is a priest and one of the greatest role models in my life. He has some AMAZING thoughts on family, and the value of family in our lives and in our faith; but there's one thing that he said to me that I took to heart and thought I'd share with you: He said he thinks every couple should have at least 3 children; one to replace each one of them and one to increase the population. I think that's an insightful look at family size, but you can think whatever you want and I will not judge, criticize, or disrespect you for that :-)

Whoa - long comment. Sorry!

Seriously? Sometimes I really cannot believe just how stinkin' cute Kara is!!! I mean... she's gorgeous!

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