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June 09, 2008


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The good life is moving ahead. House hunting is good. Babies are good. Everything is good.

I never had much luck with Hpt's either. With my first, I never got a positive home reading until I was almost 10 weeks.

And having two babies will be fabulous, and wonderful, and you'll know all the things that are okay. You won't stress as much, and you'll give yourself more of a break with things.

And sorry if my "it will be hard, blah, blah, blah" comment a couple of posts ago was rude. Totally wasn't trying to be harsh...just real.

I am really happy for you both. I think having more room and the yard will make a giant difference. Little Kara will be out playing in the grass and with her toys.And just think, you will have a set due date instead of the long wait. I am guessing they will try not to let this baby get so big. My daughter was told that her next baby will be coming 2 weeks early to avoid the big baby trauma she went through. I think Kara looks alot like one of your sisters but I don't know her name. She's such a sweet baby.

They still like to cuddle even as toddlers. Not as frequently of course, but that just makes it all the sweeter. The house sounds wonderful!! Good luck.

Crossing my fingers for you that you get your house! My husband and I will be buying a house in about a year, and I know I'll have those same thoughts of children in the yard and him grilling out back as you do. I really can't wait.
P.S. Love the Steel Magnolias reference!!

Wow, what an exciting time! I hope you get the house. Good luck.

I'm glad you guys found a couple houses you like so fast. Well, it seems like it's fast from this end. While house hunting for our current house, we too looked at some forclosed properties, and were HORRIFIED at the condition of them. But the pricce... oh the price!

Good luck with the offer you're making on your first choice! I hope you get it!

hehe I totally would have taken a test too. Just to see it for myself, because really, it *is* kind of hard to believe! Crazy :)

Good luck with the house offer! I almost threw up at work waiting to hear back about the counter-offer, etc. Very nerve-wracking, but very worth it.

Congrats on buying your first house! Just wait until your offer is accepted, it feels so good, like winning the best auction ever. Of course, then you get to sign the mortgage papers and you get to see the biggest numbers ever flash before your eyes. That's a special moment too but for an entirely different reason :)

I still can't get over that you're pregnant again. You will have two babies before I even have one, and we married within two weeks of each other! Crazy how fast things can change - or not, in my case.

I'm so excited for you guys with the house! I know this is something you've been dreaming about for a long time now. Can't wait to see pics of the place you guys settle on.

I will cross my fingers for you! I am so happy for you guys. Things are working out wonderfully for all of you!

Wow! Great news about the house...I started salivating at the "2 bathrooms" part since we have a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom house and it's definitely not enough.
And KARA...amazing baby - sitting up unsupported is incredible at just shy of 6 months old. Megan is still all slump slump slump :)

Congratulations! And good luck with your house-hunting. Isn't it so much fun? After all the schleping around, eventually you'll come to that ONE that is "the one". I hope you find it sooner rather than later, cause schleping around whilst 8 months pregnant is hard work.

Oh, wow, buying a house is always terrifying and exciting at the same time! good luck!

Oh, darlin'. I'm so happy for you. I remember looking at those "cat-stank" houses. And yes, people are destroying their homes before the bank evicts them. Sad, isn't it?

I'm glad you found one that suits. And with others as back-up, you, are, indeed, looking at some miracle times in your life.


Looking at houses is hard work. I did the same thing you did...I would picture us living in one of the houses. I would assign each (unborn) kid to a room. And then name the (unborn) children. And then I'd wonder why my heart would break anytime an offer didn't go through.

Oh yes, it's hard.

Sounds like you guys are doing your homework. That's awesome.

Good luck and, as always, keep us posted.

Congratulations! pregnant self, indeed. Very awesome.

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