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June 04, 2008


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Hi. Seven negative tests two weeks after I missed my period. I was even vomiting up lungs at the time.
Pee sticks are not to be trusted.

I have no idea. But I do want to say Congratulations!!!

I can't wait to hear when your due date is...the mystery might finally be solved then!

February 5th, 2009.

I use Mittendorf's rule to calculate gestational dates. All you have to do is add 269 days to your date of ovulation since this is your second pregnancy. (If it were your first, you would use 274 days.) I even had a spreadsheet and everything. I opened it up just now, and it says that based on today's date, I'm 81 weeks pregnant!! Hee hee.

Naegele's rule (based on conjecture, not empirical data, and is used by most OB's):

If you were using Naegele's rule, you would add 266 days to your date of ovulation.

Mittendorf's rule (based on a retrospective study): http://www.greenjournal.org/cgi/content/abstract/75/6/929

Were there any "incidents" after May 12? If you ovulated on May 12, I am surprised that you got negative tests 17 days later! That's very strange, though not unheard of. I think I was getting positive tests at 11 days post ovulation. Of course, if the "little swimmers" were really tough and durable, they could have lasted for a few days (4-5?) and you might have ovulated on May 16-17, meaning your last tests were at 11-12 days past ovulation. In that case, I add 4-5 days to my guess :-D But of course there's no way to know :-)

In this case, where you're dealing with rigid medical standards and insurance companies and maternity leave and such, I'd go ahead and do the early ultrasound for dates.

Have you tried Fertility friend? You can calculate due dates by ovulation date on there. You have to sign up for it and the free part doesn't come with the totally horrible crazy people message boards. You could jump in there and see what it says.

I have no idea. I just know that I am so happy you and Luke are going to have another baby to help make this world a cuter place because seriously, it's a sin for Kara to be as cute as she is.

Well, I vote for 5/12 because that was my conception date for Noah! And because of that, I can also tell you that your EDD would then be 2/3.

That said, while most people do have similar hormone levels from pregnancy to pregnancy, your case may be different because Kara is so young and your cycles never did get back into a routine. Your HCG levels may be much lower this time than they were last time, you just don't know.

Also, pregnancy tests vary widely in their sensitivity. You can get a sense of which kind you were using and how likely they were to catch an appropriately doubling HCG level from this chart: http://www.fertilityplus.org/faq/hpt.html

I'm going to go out on a limb and say January 27th. First time's always been a charm for us.

Please don't hate me!

Also? Kara? Deeeelicious in that bad ass little Harley outfit.

I'm guessing somewhere in the five week range, based on when you think you ovulated. Plus, if you're not queasy yet, you might be too early in for morning sickness. I have no idea what that would bring you to on a due date.

Nothing cuter than a little surprise baby conceived on your wedding anniversary. ;o)

Yes, it seems you could have conceived anywhere from May 12-17ish which would explain the negative tests (ie. if you had conceived on the 17th, that would definitely explain the negative tests).

My guess is May 12th conception. I would also agree that at least one of those tests would have tested positive if it was late April.
I never got my period while nursing my daughters and they were really out of whack after I finished. I conceived my third while nursing my second, all the while getting no period and using a diaphragm. She was a sign from God that we were very fertile people and had better do something permanant.
Anyway, congratulations! It's really great news!

I don't know, but CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for your family!

Hopefully the doctor will do an ultrasound soon so that you can have a better idea.

I'm going to guess an EDD of 2/4/09. Basically I'm going with that because someone else already guessed 2/3 and 2/5 and those are my two SILs b-days so I'm going with the one in the middle. :-)

If your an exact number maniac like me get the ultrasound.(I think you mentioned you were already?). It's better to just know.Your body has been through so much the last year or so-all the physical baby stuff plus lots of stress, I'm sure it's just marching to it's own beat right now! I had severe hyperemesis which didn't make it's VERY grand entrance until week 5 with 2 of my pregnancies so the morning sickness is probably just around the bend so eat whatever you want now! Based on your info my vote goes for the week of January 27th-February 2nd. Happy eating!

Wait...you want me to do math after looking at such an adorable picture of little Kara?


That has got to be the cutest pic of Kara yet!!!!

I have to go with the majority here and say that you conceived in May. I will go with an EDD of February 8, 2009.

And, again, congrats!!

dude, congratulations!! I am going to guess your due date to be 2/2/09. just because. :)

Congrats!!! I have to say, I really didn't think you were pregnant, but it's a complete blessing for you and your family. Of course everything is going to be alright. :)

I can't really give advice for how far along you may be, since I've never been prego myself. But I definitely can't wait to read more as you find out! :)

With all that good data somebody should be able to figure out a proper due date.

Oh I don't know...February 5? Kudos to your brave self for publishing your "incident" dates for the whole internet (I mean YOUR PARENTS!!!) to see!

January 26th or February 14th is a good day.

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