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July 21, 2008


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Aww, Kara has "Gossie and Gertie," cute book. When you mentioned seeing pictures of yourself in your third trimester- I thought you looked cute and petite. Plus, it's awesome that you're having #2 so close to Kara's b-day, because you can wear all your winter maternity clothes again, including the maternity coat you debated getting!

Although, being pregnant exactly the same months in a row, if you're anything like I, you'll build a large bonfire fueled exclusively from the heat of your well-used maternity wardrobe.

Because honestly...the idea of wearing the same four pairs of pants ever again kind of made me want to vomit.

And after having two kids thirteen months apart, I swore I'd never again procreate (it must be stated that Huz and I are talking about trying for a third. Hehe)

I saw a couple at church who was a dead ringer for you and Luke. I actually did a double take. But of course we live very very far from eachother, so it wasn't you. Too bad because it would have been fun! Ditto on the homemade baby food. So cheap and not that hard to do!

As for the new Colby, she's growing on me. Babe on the other hand...ugh, I hate this Babe. And Jake comes and goes so much it doesn't matter that it's a new guy every.single.time. I am so ready for a new story line. I'm a bit bored.

And just because it would be totally wrong to not acknowledge the cuteness of that Cara. What a good big sis she is going to be!

so is it okay to say that KARA is getting so big? I promise to stop when she's like 12 so I don't give her a complex.

It's so great to have an update on what's going on in your life. I hope all is well for you and your family. Kara is a doll!!

Hey, good luck with that contest. I'll be sure to go vote for you.

I know you live in Indy. I don't know which area you and Luke are looking, but one of my best friends lives in Greenwood. She and her husband have gotten two great deals in real estate down there. They bought a starter home on foreclosure three years ago and just upgraded to a custom built home, also on foreclosure. I know there are a ton of homes for sale in Indy, so I'm sure you will find the perfect home for your family.

Something I've always wondered about is the pronunciation of your first name. Is it pronounced like Bree-Ann?

Good luck on the contest! Freebies are the best, and you've certainly got a good story.
Kara is a DOLL FACE! Ok, I'm so excited to hear you mention origami-type 7th grade notes. My boss and I have been joking for a while that our company this summer seems like 7th grade a lot, so we've started folding notes to each other like that. :) Makes it easier to cope. I cannot wait to read your comic book! Take care of yourself and Number Two! Thanks for the update. Sometimes lists are the way to go.

Oh, I cannot wait to see the rest of that Archie-by-Lil'Frema comic! I sure hope there will be commentary from adult Frema . . . and maybe from Kara, too!

1) I did NOT know you were a stroller finallist. Just voted for you. Purely out of loyalty because you're so right - some of those other women sound reaaallly needy (like the one with 8 kids and a heart attack - ouch - puts our petty worries in perspective).

2) Check out http://www.wholesomebabyfood.com/ for awesome baby food recipes - lots of ideas for combining a couple of veggies/fruits and making different purees for babies. Megan loves the squash/brown rice/applesauce:)

3)you won't want to hear this but OH MY how grown up gorgeous little Kara's looking these days!

4) stage fright on posting? I'm not the only one?

5) ayn rand. you have inspired me to try again. no wonder kara's so advanced - her mama doesn't just read crappy chick lit!

I thought Apple was bad, but Honor is worse. Gotta wonder if she's going to turn out like those girls named Chastity who never practice it.

And OMG, more from the brain of Lil' Frema...you are such a tease! :)

She is getting so grown up! I really hate that babies grow so fast :-( If I can get blogger to work, I'll be voting for you to win the stroller!

I love reading your blogs... My daughter is 3 days older than Kara - although we aren't working on number 2 just yet...
The webpage for the baby food is good - I have used it as reference.
Good luck on the house hunting! Moving after baby isn't too bad - we moved at 4 months - and are still remodeling... but I would only recommend doing it if you found a house you really like!

I guess I am weird. I loved it when people noticed I was showing. I loved it when someone would comment on how big I was getting. If anyone would have said "hey deb what a fat ass you have" they would have been picking up teeth, but that was never a problem. Even though with my second baby I ate my way to gaining 50 lbs. I used to dream about doughnuts what can I say?

About 6 years ago I helped my mom clean out her basement and donated easily hundreds of books to goodwill.

And where was I last year? Oh, searching ebay and buying a "lot" of Babysitters Club books.

I wonder - is the hope that my future children will like the books that I loved the same thing as when women believe that their daughters will want to wear their wedding dress? (forgive the grammar there, please).
:) Becky

I am glad to hear an up date that says life is full and rich. However, I always thought it was just that way. Joy.

Congratulations! how very exciting! sorry we havent seen you at the last few parties at Molly's house. keep me posted on the due date. =)

ooooh I hope you win the stroller! Also, I'll stand right by your side and, too, declare my love for Richard Simmons!!

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