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July 29, 2008


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Ah, the "Hoosier" pun shirts. Love them.
Buying a house scares the piddle out of me. But if we end up staying I'll be sucking any and all wisdom from you.
We went to a baseball game last night. Hard to enjoy it when your boobs are sweating into your bellybutton.

A house is such a huge commitment to jump into, you're smart to take your time. Unfortunately for sellers, I don't think this market is going to change too quickly. You may find better deals the longer you wait.

Kara just gets cuter and cuter!

I am house hunting as well and there was UNDERWEAR on the floor of a place I looked at. My realtor tells me that stuff like this was very common at the top of the market a few years ago - but it shocks her beyond belief to see people not even cleaning their homes before viewings.

I love how practical and rational you are in making decisions. You think things out so well! I am thankful for a level-headed husband, without whom (who? eek!) I'd jump into financial commitments way too easily.

And yay for bonuses!

Oh and our next door neighbours are selling their house and haven't even bothered to MOW THE LAWN! Or fix their death-trap rotten-wood front stairs. I hope people like you and Luke move in and take care of things!

I am always grateful to see that other young 'uns like us have waited until they feel ready for a home purchase. I'm certainly late to the party, but we're all on a different path, right? That's what I keep telling myself.

And quadruple yay for quarterly bonuses!

I so admire how smart and cautious you guys are about this whole thing, and while I too was rooting for an up-North move, I'm glad you guys have decided to live somewhere that will support your family - that's the most important. And it's a very nice city, too.

Can't wait to see you for Sunday breakfast!!

When we were selling our house (up in Jan, sold in April), I tried to keep it perfect. There was once or twice that the bed wasn't perfect (comforter was pulled up though), but dirty clothes on the floor? Clean clothes on the bed? I am assuming you were looking on the weekend/nights and they probably had at least a few hours warning. So, they have no excuse. Do they not understand that it is a BUYERS market?

GREAT post on househunting. I hope others take away the lesson of responsibility and buying LESS than you can afford. We bought WAY less house than we can afford and our lives are so much easier because we did so. I am so grateful that I married someone who was not concerned with image and living in the "right" neighborhood.

SSU: The sellers knew 24 hours in advance that we were coming, so unless they were on vacation, there's no excuse. And honestly, even then they could have picked up their mess before they left, knowing their house could still be shown.

Cagey: The right neighbhorhood for us means close to my work, great school system, and convenient shopping. I have preferences, of course, but they are too far out of reach right now. Maybe for our second house....

We managed to keep our house staged with an infant, a very sick husband, a dog, a houseguest, and two dissertations! There is no excuse for visible laundry and chips! Of course we didn't sell it until we actually moved out. You sound very sensible. With some patience you should find a great house and you will be in a situation you can be comfortable with for years to come. Good luck!

I think it's great that you and Luke have and easygoing attitude about finding a home. I am hoping that I can buy one in a year or two and I hope I have the same attitude and can remember to take my time.

GAWD. I saw that shirt at the visitor's center and made fun of it. Do you hate me now? And we looked at some terrible houses when we were hunting too - broken glass on the floor, food left out, etc. TERRIBLE. You'd think in this market, people would be more eager to sell....

House hunting. Blargh. I don't miss that phase one bit. The worst? The cat houses. I don't mind the fur, but the pee? Count me out. I once nearly walked away from looking at a house b/c I could smell the cats before stepping one foot inside. I looked, just to be nice, but I held my breath the entire time. It was a quick showing ;)

We did our first baseball game this weekend, too. Sometimes I am surprised at what we can do with Nate in tow, he did great!
I do hope you find the perfect home, I also commend you for knowing when to say when and take a break. Its such a big decision and not one to take lightly.
And, if only there were a bonus program for SAHP's! Outside of getting to stay home, of course! :)

kara is so cute. I hardly ever comment, Bree, but I read alot. I wanted to ask you (maybe I should just email you) what areas you're looking in. Reason I ask. My husband is from indy - - my inlaws still live there - they live in Carmel - dont roll your eyes - I know what people say about Carmel... but what I was going to say is that they live in a very nice older neigbhorhood that is established - nice trees, nice yards and nice houses but aren't ridiculously priced (at least from the houses I saw when we were driving thru last summer that were for sale). If you'd be interested I can give you location near where they live nad you could drive around to see. I guess worth a look - plus, great schools. In their neighborhood, there is a school down the street and a community pool. My husband and his 3 siblings all went to school there and walked every day (or rode their bikes).

Anyway, just a thought. Sorry to hog the comments :)


That picture of you and Kara is amazingly cute. You are working the heck out of that pregnancy glow!

Baseball and summer time are together. Next winter they will be look back upon with joy.

I think you are dealing with the house hunt the smart way. When we bought the house we are in--while it was the best of the ones we looked at--I feel like we definitely decided on an impulse. I know for the next house we decide to get into, we'll take a lot more time to think things through. I have a whole list of things the next house MUST have! For our starter home, I know I couldn't have had those things. Good luck! I can't wait to see the house you guys end up with!! So exciting!

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