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August 08, 2008


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Kara is absolutely one of the cutest 9 month olds I've ever seen. She always looks so happy. Absolutely adorable.

I love your new hair cut. It suits you very well!

Love the haircut! Also this last pic of Kara and the pic of her munching on her bunny made me LOL.

What a great group of pictures! And those two kids there together? What a match, although I don't think either one of them have caught on to the concept of "what's mine is yours and yours is mine." They'll need to work on that before they reach the altar. ;o)

I too can't believe how big Kara has gotten so quickly. She's all personality now, and I loved snuggling her up this weekend.

The shower was fantastic indeed, and I will get more pictures up soon. Also, I love your hair cut. I think that's my favorite length on you.

I TOTALLY voted for Portland because it's my favourite American city. Oh and a mere 5 hour drive away.

You and your haircut look great. And the kid - adorable as always. My husband STILL sometimes doesn't know what to do with Megan so Ryan's husband shouldn't feel bad:)

Oh and we bought the Phil & Ted "Me Too" chair that's almost identical to your Chicco chair and LOVE it but feel ripped off that Chicco isn't more available in these parts because P&T cost us $74!!

Love the pictures! I keep forgetting you're pregnant because you're just so dang TINY. I hadn't heard BlogHer '09 might be in Philly. If it is, I hope you make it; I'd love to meet you!

Delurking to say I think your hair looks sooooo cute!!

And Kara is the prettiest little girl in the world!

She is beautiful and adorable and I just want to squeeze those cheeks;0) Can you tell I have baby fever? I like your hair by the way. Very cute!

I'm down with Philly (or St. Louis, but Philly is closer and I can get there on the train!). It will take the year to convince DH I need to go and meet all my heroes in person.

You, Kara, and Luke all look great!

Damn,you all look good. I love your new hair and I love seeing how much Kara has grown. (Molly looks great too. I love that you are prego together!)

If BlogHer is in Portland we can stay at my house (for FREE) and make the 3 hour drive everyday. I'm sure that won't be bad at all. HAA!!

Not that I am at all surprised but you guys are doing SO fantastic! I would love to know how "tall" that little beauty of yours is. She seems very tall for her age, but Nate is pretty short for his, so.
Good luck with the house hunting, I know its getting old but you will be so glad when you find your home it will have been worth all of the time!

You look fantastic! Glad the energy level is back up--just wait until you feel the first kicks sooo much earlier than you did with Kara. You'll be astounded!

Lake Michigan looks so welcoming in the summer, doesn't it? My son got to go swimming there once this summer and won't stop talking about it. I'm like eeeehh, enjoy the Indy splash parks, dude.

Oh, all the pictures! Everyone is adorable. And your haircut is so cute! And if everything could exclamation points!! Wee!

Yes, she is!!
I so wish I could have met her in person when you were up here for the weekend.
But it was terrific seeing YOU!

I love your hair-cut and your baby! Those are all great pictures! Kara looks so long in the picture with Luke's dad. LOL She is going to be tall like Luke!!

Hey, my Cabbage Patch Kid had one of those hook-on-table-seat things!

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