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August 29, 2008


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This is wonderfully awesome.

Holy cripes! You didn't tell me! That's so exciting!

congratulations to you and randy!

Published in a book. Cool. However, YOU are publishing all the time in several different modes ... for your company's business and and your blogs. The best on the book sales. I will buy several books as presents for family members. However,that will not make the book reach the best sellers list.

Congratulations!! This is huge. You (and li'l Frema) deserve it.

I am proud that your writing is a part of this book too. But, we are proud of your many other accomplishments as well.

Hey! Another Cringe contributor here, and I'm slowly making my way round the blogs to say Hi and connect bad poems to good blogs (kidding). I wasn't crazy about the widget either so I just saved the pic off Amazon and added a link from the pic to the book through my blogger template. Don't know if you could do the same, but it's a suggestion as it looks better and cleaner and I am also a design control freak. Check it out on mine if you want. Hope to see you at the party?

WOW! Congratulations. Reading this has definately taken "surfin the net" to another level. I'm very happy for you. There was never a doubt in my mind that good things would come your way. Just glad I could help. Tell the family I said hi.

Your old friend, Randy

Very proud of you, Frema. That's just too cool. My cheeks are red just thinking about the entries I could submit to that book!

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