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August 14, 2008


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Hmm, and to think, I don't even have an excuse for wanting two lunches! :) I had to giggle at your attempts to disguise your order because I would have done the exact same thing! Or I would have gotten lunch for 1 and then stopped somewhere else for more!
:) Becky

You are so funny! Good to know on the wraps not being filling enough. I thought about trying them but think I'll stick to my 6in. turkey on wheat as well.

That is too cute. ;-)

Don't feel ashamed. I've never been pregnant and I've been known to inhale two subs at a time as well. Sometimes you just get really hungry and one sandwich doesn't quite cut it.

Also, you look ravishing :)

Yeah - I remember a 4th of July bar-b-q last year at church when I ate 2 hamburgers, two hot dogs, and a lot of other things... I was just happy to eat because I hadn't been able to keep much down before that week.

I do eat a foot long sub occasionally by myself - and I am not pregnant anymore! So don't feel too bad.

How funny! I once ran into my mom at the grocery store before I had told her about my second pregnancy...and I was eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch out of the box as I shopped! I blamed my son.

I've never been pregnant, but I always want two lunches ... although one is usually a "liquid lunch."

I applaud you for having a reason to eat two lunches. Good luck with lunch tomorrow, may the liquid condiment gods be with you whatever you should choose.

mmmm...two lunches. I am 20 weeks right now and eat 2 breakfasts every single day. One at 7 am at home then again at 9 when I get to work. Then usually a lunch at 11:30 and more food sometime around 2-3. Really all I do is eat.

I have pregnancy question (this is my first). I've been kind of lenient with caffeine. I limit how much I have but I still drink it. I've been staying totally away from lunch meat though. Is this one of those things that people get hysterical over but isn't really a big deal? I'm not judging or anything like that. I'm just dying for a good sandwich and was wondering if the "evil deli meat" is really not that bad. I'm not a neurotic pregnant person, and I have a hard time figuring out which of the "rules" can be bent a little.
Thank you...I'm seriously missing the roast beef.

Alexa: First off, let me say that I think you should do whatever you are comfortable with, and if you feel strongly about avoiding cold deli meat, then you should. I don't want to persuade you either way, but I will share my experience.

With my first pregnancy, I was advised by my ob/gyn nurse to either avoid cold deli meat or heat it in the microwave for a few minutes to kill any lingering bacteria, which isn't harmful to adults or children but can be toxic for babies in the womb. I did it without question and only had two cold sandwiches in my entire pregnancy. By the time I delivered Kara, I was so happy to eat "regular" lunchmeat that I had roast beef sandwiches (and strawberry shakes, yum) for every meal except breakfast.

This time around, I was once again given the standard advice by my ob/gyn nurse (even a different nurse!), and I followed it for the first few weeks, until one of my standard check-ups with my doctor. I asked him about it, and he kind of rolled his eyes and said deli meat is pre-cooked and there shouldn't be any problem and I should do whatever I feel is best for me. He told me his own wife ate lunchmeat sandwiches constantly throughout her pregnancies and he had no problems with it. So even though it's still in the back of my mind, I now have one to two deli sandwiches a week.

I don't think the effects of lysteria are anything to laugh off, but it is rare, and after talking to the doctor, I felt more comfortable indulging. I don't think anyone who stays away from lunchmeat is silly or paranoid. We all pick and choose our own risks, so you should do whatever feels right to you.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

I hated that "is she fat or is she pregnant" stage of both my pregnancies. I totally would have done the same thing ordering 2 lunches. I have days when I'm just REALLY hungry, no matter what I eat. I always feel like a little piggy, but I can't stand to feel hungry.

This is why I go through the drive-thru. Even if the people taking my order wonder, they have no proof that I'm not getting something for "mystery" people back at the office or something. He he.

You look adorable and I definitely would think "pregnant" and not just "two-lunch belly". :-)

Aw! You look great!

I'm a rather petite person with a embarassingly large appetite. My entire life, I've been a big eater and I constantly have to hear "Where do you put it all?" and "Are you really going to eat all that?" A 6 inch sub at Subway is a snack for me. Even though the commercial is annoying, you've got to go for the $5 footlongs! And I have been known to buy more than one footlong. Always good to have extra!

Two lunches, three lunches, whatever. Enjoy!!!

Good for you!! Not so much when I was pregnant (as I couldn't eat anything)but those first 3-4 months of nursing I was insatiable. Seriously. I had No Shame. I would eat 18 inches of topping bursting, mayo slathered Cold Cut Trio, 2 bags of chips (my poor husband never got to finish his meal) and a cookie (or 2). And that was my "healthy" fast food meal. I'm not even gonna tell you what I ordered from McDonalds or Wendys. My appetite was so huge and it came on fast- my hand would start shaking and if I wouldn't have been able to get some food fast I swear to you I would have eaten dirt.

Okay first of all, you look gorgeous! Secondly, I am totally jealous of your two lunches. Maybe this is TMI, but yesterday I started my period and Sweet Jesus I was eating everything in sight. Even when I told myself to just stop because it was almost bedtime, I still couldn't stop! When I'm pregnant, I'm sure I will be unstoppable. You know what, if you want to eat two lunches you should just do it and don't think a second about it! That baby needs to be nourished! Now maybe you could come up with a reason for me ...

At least the Sour Cream and Onion were Baked! ;)


You look so great! And I'm so glad you put up another "in the john" picture. I remember that stage, where it literally looked like I was wearing a life preserver under my shirt. You'll round out soon.

I was also kind of freaked about lysteria when I was pregnant. The day we brought Dean home from the hospital, I ate an entire pound of Boar's Head turkey. My husband and best friend were quite grossed-out by me. I think the next go-round I'll jump on the once a week indulgence bandwagon.

I love your sneaky subway order!!!

The saying:" If you work, you have to eat." Works here. It also, means "If you work you get to eat." Add to that, the growing of Number Two, the Statement becomes "You two need food for two as needed."

Um, hello? PREGNANT! Seriously, if I was with child, that would be my excuse for everything.

Right now, though, I have no excuse for ordering two lunches. Not that that has stopped me.

Awesome! It's good to know we all do stuff like that. Mine is buying candy and ensuring that the cashier knows it's for a kid's birthday. Like she cares.

oh man i couldnt eat that much then but i really wanted to. i could eat half of a half at a time and then an hour later finish the half-- not until i was in my 5th month was i able to eat a little bit more. then as soon as i ate more like normal, well then i gained 7 lbs in a month. doctors office was concerned. i was walking at work around 6 miles a day. now i'm eating a little more like normal and trying to put in more fruits and veggies but its really tough. now i'm starting my 7th month I think (27 weeks) your mother in law sent me here because she saw my question on my blog regarding moving while pregnant. she said you had done it so i will be searching your blog for that info. we MAY be moving very soon.

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