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September 30, 2008


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So - what to do with Kara...
We have been at this home-improvement things since 4 weeks before AJU5 was born (which is about 5 weeks before Kara was born).

We have done two things with her when she couldn't "help." (1) gated her into a room where she can look out and see us work (2) put her in her exersacuer in the room where we were working.

Since you don't have an exersaucer, the gate might work well. Make sure to bring her books and other favorite toys so she can play!

I would offer to watch her but a. im a freak from the internet, b. I dont live near you. She is so beautiful- you are looking incredibe yourself!
What an amazing and exciting day for you guys. I hope that you find a way to celebrate tonight. Even if its to say cheers with a glass of milk during dinner.
I wasnt nervous for our closing, I had booked my first (and Dearlawd only) brazilian wax the same day, it was all I could think about. We celebrated that night while I sat on a bag of frozen peas- HAH!

Congrats on your new home, your beautiful Kara and your BABY IN BELLY!!! So much to be thankful for!

Happy closing day!
I like the baby gate idea. Hopefully she'll play by herself for more than 5 minutes so you CAN get some work done! Good luck with the house fixing. I know how important it is to do those things before you move in. We didn't and it was such a pain to paint and whatnot afterwards.
Both your babies are so cute! You think this second one will have hair like Kara's? Such a riot.

So excited for you!

Congratulations to you and your family! This is exciting I know for you and for me also for vicarious reasons. I hope there are no last minute surprises during the closing. Details! I must know (non-personal/identifying/financial-related) details about what happened at the closing. Please.

Yay, happy closing! I hear ya--I was eating Tums for hours before we closed. That's so exciting! It is chaotic to move, especially pregnant. But you will be SO happy once you get in there! I seriously almost wept for joy last night while I was going from room to room vacuuming. It's so nice to have more than one room! Congrats on your new home.

I love Kara pajama pictures. You look great! I can't believe you're already halfway there. If we didn't live in Alabama (and, you know, knew each other in person and stuff), Kara could totally come and play with Dean.

Congrats on the new home!!!! So happy to hear everything is working out.

A pregnant friend of mine is also moving to a new home in the next month. Her doctor told her "no painting." Certainly, she should listen to her doctor, but I painted while I was pregnant with two out of three of my kids (of course latex paint, no oil based). Is this something new?

Congratulations on CLOSING! YAY for you and your family!

SSU: The gate is a good idea in theory, but Kara wouldn't last very long completely on her own. Also, the carpet looks and smells terrible, so until it's replaced, I don't like the idea of letting her play around upstairs. It will all come together, though!

ann: I asked my doctor about painting at my last ob/gyn appointment, and he said it was fine so long as the room was well ventilated and I wasn't affected by the smell.

oh my goodness what an exciting day! Good luck in the next few weeks getting preparations done- having a baby and being pregnant can't make it a simple thing :) I can't wait to see pictures!!

Good deal. (Closing the house deal.) Now the home making can begin. Super times are ahead. Joy.

She is so frickin adorable
(as are you at 20 weeks.where.did.the.time.go?)

Congrats on the closing...I hope you got celebrate!

TO celebrate, I meant...

Congratulations Homeowner!! And WOW when did you start looking all pregnant?!? Where does the time go indeed.

ps - Cute kid. Who could totally vacation in Vancouver and play with Megan while you paint. Just a suggestion:) If not, the exersaucer/babysitter will have to do.

Congratulations on the closing! You and Luke have so many wonderful things happening in your life :)

Congratulations on closing on your New House!

Also, I think you look fabulous- healthy and pretty :)

Kara's pretty cute, too.

Good luck with all the busy-ness!

Congrats on the closing! I can't wait to see the house after you and Luke have gotten some of your painting and carpeting and tiling finished.

I can't get over how big Kara has gotten!! She's such a happy baby! And, you look great!!

I hope closing went well. Can't wait to see the work you've done on the new house!

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