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September 04, 2008


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Wow, congrats! I'm so glad you could see through all the bad paint, carpet, etc. to the true "good bones" of this house. All those things can be changed but the basic structure cannot. Soon you will give it all the touches that will make it uniquely yours.

Frema, that house is AWESOME. Congratulations! And you are wise, oh so very wise, to have the floors done BEFORE you move all your crap in. We still have to get our floors done, and I have no freaking clue where we will put all the stuff while that happens. But that is our problem.

As for the kitchen, I agree that the paint color choices leave something to be desired. And that something is taste. But don't be hating on painted cabinets in general! Look at the before and after pictures of my kitchen: http://docmaureen.blogspot.com/2008/07/so-now-that-kitchen-is-finished-i-can.html
Painted cabinets have their place, like when the cabinets are grease-stained and in bad shape and too dark for the room. Or! When they are already painted and it would be utter insanity to try to strip them! So much work! SO MUCH WORK!

You asked for suggestions, so I definitely suggest repainting them in a color to your liking. Then, later, when you have money, if you still really want unpainted cabinets, buy new ones. Consider IKEA; they are cheap, but QUALITY cheap. It is true that modern kitchens never seem to have painted cabinets these days, but just tell everyone you are going for "country chic."

Stupid Typepad. Here is the link, all linkified:
http://http://docmaureen.blogspot.com/2008/07/so-now-that-kitchen-is-finished-i-can.html>Dr. Maureen's Kitchen

AUGH! This is my last try. I apologize for the multiple comments. Hopefully, this link will work:
http://docmaureen.blogspot.com/2008/07/so-now-that-kitchen-is-finished-i-can.html>Dr. Maureen's Kitchen For Reals This Time

How exciting! I kind of like the kitchen colors, but then again, I was almost overcome with glee when we got married and were looking for furniture, and I found a couch, loveseat, and chair in that very color of green.

That's a great house. I'm officially envious of you and your giant backyard.

Oh Bree, it is fantastic! HUGE Congratulations. What a perfect first home. As far as the kitchen cabinets, I think they wont quite so badly if you paint the walls a new color.. (dont hit me) look over there --> your sidebar, tan and green? Not bad! Okay I KNOW its a computer screen but still, I think you can lessen its gag value.
The rest is just wonderful, I am so very happy for you. AND, so proud, way to put your $ to use. You help me to see my husbands veiwpoint, in terms of upholding our household alone. Thanks!

Like Katie I'm a fan of the color green used on the cabinets(and I love the combo with orange), but I'm married to someone who's not so fond of the green, so I understand that it's not something that everyone loves.

How about a nice creamy white for the walls in the kitchen and bath? Green and white is a pretty classic combo - and green can stand most colors as an accent, so maybe you can minimize the green by surrounding it with colors you do like until you can deal with the cabinets.

And also smart to do the floors before you move in - said as someone who moved into a house hating the carpet and moved out with the same damn carpet there because it was too much hassle to move everything.

Even with those minor blips, your house is incredible! Good for you for sticking to your guns until you found something you loved.

And what's with all the stars? Living room, bedroom, baths...

One more thing: I see a microhood in your future. That micro takes up TOO much room of your limited counterspace!

Lovely home!

Advice about the cabinets? I'd paint them white and then paint the walls in whatever color goes with your 1st floor scheme. White cabinets make the space seem larger and will go with just about any decor you want. And paint is cheap!

Good luck!!

Wow! So much space! A huge yard! I am SO so happy for you and your family. Hooray!! :)

It's wonderful!!! I love the big tree in the front yard. I kind of like the green cabinets, but they do look tacky with the current wall color. If you paint the walls a neutral color it might tone down the green and look really pretty with a blue living room! One of our kids isn't even going to have a bedroom at first... he's going to be sleeping in our loft area because it is close to the master bedroom. And then they are going to share. They have a playroom and a family room to call their own, they don't need seperate bedrooms too! Now we may need a sleeper sofa so I can send complainers there like you guys!

I'm LOVING the Harry Potter shrine! Hee hee! That is a gorgeous house - what a great place to raise your babies!

While I kind of like the dining room chandelier, the orange-green combo made me gag a little. My advice is to ask Molly (resident paint queen) what the heck you should do.

And also? I have a carpeted master bath. The hell? What are people THINKING? I'm desperately saving pennies in hopes of tile in my future.

Congrats again!

House is gorgeous!!!!

Oh, the house is awesome! Congratulations!!

I just have to say: this woman and her house, she wanted to say the kitchen was "updated" so she painted, but she'd never heard of "staging" or at least shoving all that clutter into a closet or something?? Sheesh.

It is so cool that you guys have enough money for new carpet and tile (!), because that carpet is hideous. And in the bathroom?

I was going to suggest leaving the kitchen cabinets green and just painting the walls white, which would make the whole "peas & carrots" thing go away, but then you said BLUE!! and now I don't know. But still, the house is great! And so much space and the huge yard. I can't wait to see the "after cribs pictures".
Congrats again!

Shoot, I wanted to say something about the lack of "presentation" on the outside of the house. You could really play up the walkway to the front door with plantings to draw people around the garage. Somehow hide the view of the backyard fence and put the focus on the door. I think that would help. But as you say, not really an issue right now.

Your soon to be house looks great! I would suggest painting the walls a different neutral color, then maybe doing a wash over the cabinets w/ a stain or another color. It would tone down the cabinets a bit. Good luck!

What a great home!! Green cupboards, red bedroom and all. I'm totally jealous of the walk in closet and huge yard and am on the way to calling Brad to suggest a move to apparently affordable Indiana:)

Congratulations! I loved every picture... until the kitchen. Also, please talk to my husband about painted cabinets. Please.

Wow it looks even better than you originally described! I would suggest painting the cabinets white for now until you can afford to get all new cabinetry. If you add some fixtures to it - like fancy metal knobs or handles, you could make them look really nice. But only in white b/c that seems to be the only color of painted cabinets I don't see to notice. Even though they are a pain to keep clean if you're a frequent user of spaghetti sauce, like myself.

And Randy's comment? priceless.

How big is your lot? From the pictures it looks teeny compared to Utah standards, and big compared to Houston standards. Oh, how I miss the home prices in Houston (sob).

It looks like a great house! Even with the green cabinets ;) I agree with Liz, consider painting them white until you can spring for new ones. That's what we did- MUCH cheaper than spending thousands on new cabinets, and it really turned out pretty nice! At least compared to the super-dark ugly stained wood they were before.

Totally awesome! The rooms are perfect for you two to spruce up however you please. It should be a whole lot of fun and although I know you aren't too fond of those cabinets, can we say blech, but you better stay far away if you re-do them before the baby comes :)

YAAAAAAAY! Your house is amazing! You're going to looooove having all that space. How exciting...I can keep up with you working on your house while I work on mine! OH, pea green is seriously schmugly. We looked at a house with a fire-engine red kitchen. Upon close inspection ,we learned that it was not paint, but horrid red wallpaper! With fans on it! This is funny because we're now accenting our new kitchen with, you guessed it, red!
Love your yard, love the loft a LOT, and can't wait to see what you do with the place!
Looking forward to your announcement of Marin's arrival.
Going to read Randy's comment right now!

Wow, what a great find! But I do question the owner's choice in cabinet paint. I don't mind painted cabinets per se, but pea green? Yikes. The rest of the house looks fantastic, though. Congratulations!!

Oh, Frema. It looks wonderful! Green cabinets and all! I'm drooling over your closet space.

I love the house!!! Well, yeah, except for that kitchen. I would paint that shit any other color so that you can at least tolerate it!

And, what is up with the toliet seats being up? Am I the only one who noticed that? Probably. I'm OCD like that.

Just showed my husband the pictures. He was horrified by the pea green cabinets and asked why the seller didn't watch more HGTV. ;) And he covets your loft.
And holy crap, how did I miss the picture of the couch in the bedroom?? That room is massive! You hit the jackpot! Your family is sure to be quite happy there.

Wow, I'm so happy for (and a little jealous of) you guys!! You are gonna have an awesome time making this house into your home.
Also, I'm just wondering how much $ I could pay you to swipe the Watson/Radcliffe pictures for me... they would go beautifully with my signed copy of Goblet.

Frema I just love your new home. I love the yellow siding too. All that space and a loft? I think you and Luke will make it into a wonderful place for your sweet family. I do have to say that even with my offbeat taste, (Haight/Ashbury meets great grandma) I find the kitchen colors a bit too too. She actually did that to entice buyers? Her agent must have died. I love the tour you gave us and Rachel I also noticed the open potty seats. But it is a great looking place and aside from those few things it is amazing and it's yours. I am so happy for you.

The house is great!!!! Havnig the space like that is so terrific. I am so happy that you and Luke will be raising your wonderful family in a house you like so much.

But, yes, the pea green and ornage have to go! I like the suggestion of painting them white, add hardware on them and paint the walls maybe a tan shade. That will hold you over until you can replace them.

Wow - seeing stars ALL over the place without even hitting your head anywhere!

P.S. - So glad I got to see you (and Kara - yay!) today!

P.P.S - I now have a craving for split pea soup after this entry - I wonder why? ;)

Congratulations!!!!! Patience and persistence pays off!

Very smart to do the floors before moving in. If you're going to paint any of those rooms, that's the time to do that also. I agree with a few others about white, or an off-white cabinet color until you can get new ones. It would help the kitchen dramatically.

How nice that you could see past room colors and cabinet colors. Nothing drives me crazier when watching House Hunters and the people complain about room colors. Easy fix people!

My first choice would be to paint the cabinets white or off-white but painting cabinets is hard and a pain. I think the green cabinets would look great with a khaki or tan color wall which would be way easier. I have white cabinets, blue walls and a blue and white 12-inch square checked floor and I LOVE it but white cabinetry is definitely not the in thing right now.

Congratulations to you and your family! How exciting.

Moving is one of my most hated things, I can't imagine doing it pregnant with a toddler. Make sure you don't overdo it okay?

Also, last time we moved I took photos of the place we were leaving before we starting packing. Just so I could have a memory of it all.

Wow. Li'l Fraulein is intensely jellus as well. I actually sort of like the chandelier above the table. Maybe painted a different color? With different shades?

I can't believe that women wrecked the kitchen like that. Actually I can. The woman who owned my sister's old house painted the bedrooms a bunch of garish colors right before she started showing it. Maybe those pea-green cabinets wouldn't be so objectionable if the walls were a normal color?

Great place! I like the green cabinets actually, but would definitely paint those walls something else. Anyway, you won't care once you're finding places to put everything and arguing over who mows the big lawn. :)

Your new house is gorgeous!!! Congratulations!

I think the house is great! I am a Realtor here in OK, and my advice for the cabinets may take some work, but you would probably love them a little more after. Try maybe doing a rub or whitewashing or something to that effect over the green or paint them something prettier (read:not green) and do the same. There is even a technique where you can paint and then use a tool designed to give the paint a "woodgrain"-believe me, I know this sounds cheesy, but I think it could be done in a cool way. My best advice is to look through tons of cabinet/kitchen magazines to see if you see anything you could replicate. Good luck and many congratulations!!

Your house is absolutely adorable! Congrats! I love it!!! And the Harry Potter stuff... swoon!!! I love it! Too bad they don't come with the house, eh?

And I gotta say I love the stars... but I kinda grew up with stars being a regular in my life, since they're a regular in my name. Too bad they don't come with the house too.

I can't wait to graduate from school so I can have my own place. Only a year and a half left!

Call me crazy, but I like the green cabinets. They'd look really awesome with some nice molding at the top and maybe a coat of stain over the green to antique them. The orange, though? Icky!

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