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September 19, 2008


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Well, I started selling Avon about a year ago and since then have switched over to all their products. I really like their Clearskin line for facewash. I use the Rejuvenate eye cream and night cream. They just introduced a new makeup primer called Magix Face Perfector (you might have seen the ads with Reese Witherspoon) and I have never used a primer before but I am hooked on that stuff. And it's all much, much cheaper than department store/Sephora/even drugstore type stuff. Prior to Avon I used Neutrogena bar soap and mostly Clinique makeup.

I have also struggled all my life with skin issues (try starting to get acne at 8 years old!) Although I know there is no magic potion for anyone here is my magic combo that has really been working for me: Neutrogena Mask/Cleanser combo; Duac prescription medication (can be used during pregnancy, basically prevents bacteria from infecting pores); Murad line moisturizers. The Murad stuff is the real miracle here - I've never found a lotion with sunscreen I could use AT ALL before this.

Oh, but the Laura Mercier primer comes in an OIL-FREE version, and I love-love-love it! For SHAME on them for not steering you to that!! I like it especially because it sorta doubles as moisturizer (though it doesn't contain SPF), but yet it's not goopy or greasy, and so I even wear it under the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer. You know, in pursuit of that smooth, baby's butt-like skin texture I will never actually be able to attain.

Have you ever used any Beauti Control products? It's kind of like Avon, sold by representatives. I keep discovering new people in my life who sell it! Anyway, they have this stuff called shadow control creme that you put on under your eye shadow (or instead of it if you're pressed for time!). It keeps you from getting those weird creases in the middle. I love it. And one tube lasts for years. They also have a sugar body scrub that is to die for.

Avon sells great stuff, too, especially their sunscreen and skin-so-soft bug spray!

I have very sensitive skin, which was made worse by pregnancy, so I've been using Neutroena's gentle foaming facial cleanser. I'm also trying out the new Garnier stuff that Sarah Jessica Parker pushes on TV and liking it. I LOVE their anti-frizz hair serum! My hair is naturally a bit curly, though not in a cute way...it's kind of a frizzy mess so I usually straighten with a dryer and then a flat iron. (In my life before baby, that was.) Now, I just let it air dry, but I find that the Garnier serum helps it to not frizz too badly.

Philosophy ROCKS.

well i'm not pregnant so i can't weigh in on that...BUT i do have some wacky sensitive yet breakout-prone skin that doesn't respond well to ANYTHING.

i impulsively bought some Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap a few months ago, mostly because i'll try anything once, and it was super cheap...and holy cow, that is the first thing that has stopped my breakouts without making my face all dry and cracky.
the peppermint is what i started out with, but i've also tried the tea tree too...that's a little more drying so it'd be good for oily skin.

as far as foundation, the only one that i've ever truly LOVED is ridiculously expensive and i can't justify spending $60 on a tiny bottle of foundation (although i wish i could because this stuff is amazing)

My guess is the Sephora girl wasn't aware of the difference between "we've discontinued stocking it" and "it's gone from the world entirely now". I'm glad you were able to find it, though! Score one for the Google!

Holly: I'm actually talking about the oil-free, non-SPF version! Oil-free is a must-have ingredient for me.

If it wasn't totally weird to offer half-used make-up to your blog readers, I would mail the rest of the bottle to you.

Female beauty rituals are one of my biggest hangups. I refuse to play into the cultural version of what is beautiful. Yet I still want to look beautiful, and I haven't been able to shake those cultural expectations yet. As for what I actually do, right now: I wear my hair in a bun nearly every day. This is super hot. If you're a 90-year old librarian. I wash my face with whatever soap is in the shower. This is usually Oil of Olay soap, as my *husband* requests it. (He is not a metrosexual or anything of the sort, he just hates dry skin.) I never wash my face any other time. I never moisturize or wear sunscreen. Occasionally I'll put some coconut oil on my face after I get out of the shower, but I forget 9 times out of 10. I have never worn base/foundation a day in my life (OK, maybe 5 days ever). I don't wear makeup at all these days. I painted my toenails a few weeks ago. I wish I had a real life girlfriend to hold my hand and haul me down to the mall and show me what to do. Also, to perform CPR and pick me up off the floor when the salesgirl tells me how much each product costs. Then I'll flip it over, read the ingredients, and say "no way" and be back where I started!

Ditto EVERYTHING Katie said!! Except I use Philosophy cleanser when I remember and sunblock on my face. Why can't you use the Philosophy serum while pregnant?

I use Philosophy too. I think we have talked about this before...I am not that pleased with it, I think I bought the wrong kind, or it could be the fact that half of the time I don't wash my face at night, only in the morning. Horrible I know. I am really interested in the primer. Sounds awesome.

As a guy I can not help out with that quest.
Not that I don't want to help. It is just too much bio-chemical stuff for me to deal with.

Too much for me to deal with, too! I wash my face in the shower with whatever non-animal-tested body wash I am using on the rest of me, and I put on unscented Curel lotion if I feel dry. About twice a month I spot on foundation on any pimples that have shown up, but mostly I don't care (I don't get that many fortunately). I don't believe in beauty products beyond getting me clean and not feeling dry. Maybe someday I will, but I'm past 30 and just haven't cared yet!

I did wear a little makeup in ninth grade, but that's the last time I did!

My face has sucked since about 5 months postpartum. I WAS just going to douse it with gasoline, start it on fire and have a space age plastic surgeon give me a new one but this Philosophy stuff sounds like it's worth a try first. Also, less painful. Thanks for the tip- and how bout some pictures of that cute baby bump? and Kara? She's probably riding a tricycle already...

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