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October 06, 2008


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Isn't it frickin' awesome!?!? Our first night in our house was spent on an air mattress on the floor with Dean next to us in the pack n play because we had NO furniture yet. And we didn't care! It was OUR floor! The quirky parts of home ownership are certainly interesting (I say as I finish setting *^$& mouse traps), but still SO much better than renting. Just think of how happy and productive you'll be when your nesting instinct kicks in right before Baby Brother comes. Congrats!!!!

Congratulations again!

And- I think hiring professionals to paint, since you can afford it, is a REALLY good decision. I see less stress in your immediate future because of it- and a lot less paint fumes.

Also, I LOVE that photo of Kara with the carpet samples book. So. CUTE. :)

It sounds like you and Luke agree on what needs to be done. Again, much better to tackle everything before you move in than wait and have to work around furniture, etc.

Can't wait for "after" pictures.

Remember how we just talked about the double standards we have for ourselves versus our friends? I'm so glad you're not going to do too much painting while pregnant. Partly because I know that it's much more difficult than painting while not pregnant, but also because of the fumes. Three cheers for not taking my own advice.

I can't wait to see the place!!

oh - house, schmouse! Look at that big girl standing up! She's amazing!

OK- I'm beginning to think Kara only owns PJs and I'm incredibly jealous. What a comfy life. Enjoy it while you can, Kara! Grown up fashion hurts!!!
I say professional painters all the way but I am lazy and painting cuts into my precious baby thigh nibbling time. Really, though, I think you guys should give yourself a break when you need it.

Dude, it IS cool! I can't wait to hear more about the work you've got ahead of you.

(And as for hiring professional painters...why not just hire Molly? She does such a great job and I'm sure she has free time to help!)

(I kid!)

Carpet is a great idea. Perfect for kids. We didn't have any carpet in the first house and it was odd. The new house has it in the bedrooms and the living room. It's lovely. And yes, so much cozier. (We got that cheap commercial carpet and let me tell you, I'd recommend it. Seriously, look into it!)

Good luck and post more pictures of Kara. I can't get enough of her!

It always take twice as long (or longer) to do home improvement things. And, the cost is always higher too. We prime everything because in the end it is cheaper (one-two coats of primer and then 1-2 coats of paint is our normal). I think you have made some good decisions as to what to do yourself and what to have professionally done.

I totally think it's worth your sanity to hire professionals - especially if it's financially feasible. Moving and unpacking is stressful enough!

Ceilings are VERRRYYY paint-thirsty, especially if they're the bumpy stucco-y kind. Hiring pro painters definitely sounds like the way to go, but isn't it hard to part with hard earned money for things that really don't give you nearly as much enjoyment as...toys/clothes/gear/other fun stuff?
Also, gross as I think our carpet probably is, it has definitely been a lifesaver for Megan, so that sounds like a smart move. Enjoy the house!

Okay, Congrats on the house. It's a neverending investment. I love my house, but I like to change paint in the drop of a hat. I recently repainted Ryan's bathroom and bright, fun green with a bright ducky theme! Anywho, did Susan Lucci get a boob job? Her boobs are ginormous on Dancing with the Stars.

Like how I slid that in?

The house plan for painting is coming along. The coverage of the old colors maybe/is harder than you would want it to be. It will be getting done, even if two coats are required. Then the joy begins with the space in and out of the house. Great back yard. Love the trail out back.

Congrats! I'm glad the whole credit fiasco didn't affect your ability to get a mortgage.

Sometimes I miss our old apartment, even though it would be way too small for us now. It was cozy, and the first place we lived after we got married. Plus it was down the street from the coffee shop. :)

Congrats again! I'm so happy you found the perfect place for you guys ... and in this market, too.

Here's how it is when I read your blog and there's a picture of Kara: read, laugh, read, get ready to leave a post-related comment, then see pictures of Kara (usually towards the end of the post), forget anything written and just want to fly to your house and give her loads of squeezes. Seriously. No idea what you just said, but ACK IS YOUR DAUGHTER DREAMYCUTE!

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