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October 31, 2008


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Oh Frema this post just made me all warm and fuzzy. I think your new neighborhood sounds wonderful. Your tiny pumpkin girl is always wearing a big happy smile. Thanks for sharing. This wasn't a good day for me and just this little sweet ending to today made me feel lots better. I caught that Kara smile.

So glad your first Halloween was so great! Ours was, too. Dean the monkey loved meeting the trick or treaters and I loved being the cool mom (like you!) who gave big handfulls of candy. Of course, we woke up to TP in our trees, so I must have ripped somebody off...
Kara is an adorable pumpkin!!! I like her multi-tasking pic.
I'm going to attempt to do NaBloPoMo. I may end up regretting it, but I figure it's worth a shot. I can always just toss up some baby pictures, right?
Enjoy your first weekend in your new home!!

Oh that second picture of her looking so dejected made me laugh outloud. So expressive! Looks like you ALL had a fabulous Halloween!

I've not looked outside yet. I hope we didn't get TP'ed, too. We better not have, as I even went out for more candy to make sure we didn't run out...

She's an adorable pumpkin! I'm so glad your house gets lots of trick or treater traffic. Our house is smack in the middle of a suburb and we get no one!

What a wonderful start to the living in the new house! She looks just super in her outfit. Good PR with the kids of the neighbor hood.

Kara is an adorable Jack-O-Lantern! Glad you had a fun first Halloween in your new home.
I know what you mean about thanking kids for coming to your house. I get very few trick-or-treaters. It drives me crazy! Now my family has about 75 fun-sized candy bars to feast on. Just what we need!

Congratulations on the move! I'm sure you're happy it's finally over. Kara looks adorable and I'm glad you're first Halloween as home owners was a success!

Well, it looks like all had a great Halloween.

I actually sort of miss the trick-or-treaters coming to the door. I live in a neighborhood where it is mostly couples without kids and single people.

Well, if there were any kids, they missed out. I was handing out Slim Jims this year. Hey, I figured that if I was getting stuck with anything, it had better be something that I liked.

Hey, a question for you parents out there. Is trick-or-treating declining in popularity? If so, why do you think this is the case? Security concerns? Parents working at odd hours? Lack of interest (although this is hard for me to fathom) on the part of kids? Falling cultural currency for the holiday itself?

What say you?

She IS so damn cute and fun!! Glad to see you guys. The three (four!) of you are such a great family.

She's not really a pumpkin, you know ;)

So yummy, that pumpkin girl! Had my sweetie pie go as a pumpkin this year, too. And last year. Can't help it. Pumpkin babies are just so cute!

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