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November 29, 2008


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Welcome back! You look great - aren't you extra glad that you bought that maternity winter coat last year?!?! Who'd have thunk it would have come in handy so soon!?!
Kara...that hair, that amazing hair. Plus all the dancing and walking stuff, but really the hair. We are jealous.

We have two and I decided this year that we're not going to travel for a while either. I just can't do it with the little kids and we are having another one in May so we may never go anywhere again! I figure once everyone is at least five, maybe, we'll try it. You look great!

We are traveling right now, and I am about to ban it! Unfortunately we have already committed to Christmas! The lack of sleep by all parties is no fun!

Open space is a super idea. Ben Franklin would be proud of such an idea.

Yay, Frema's back! Girl, I hear you on the holiday traveling. We just got back from Thanksgiving with my family and I feel like I haven't had a minute of rest since we left. Plus it made Dean a super-clingy Mama's boy. Christmas should be interesting--we're leaving the 13th and coming home the 27th! (4 states in 14 days. Someone shoot me.)

I was so proud--I was going to try NaBloPoMo. I made it through til the 28th and I just FORGOT to post while we were at my parents house. Dean woke up just before midnight screaming for a bottle and I noticed the time and just went "Damn."

Hope you three are feeling better. Kara looks great. LOVE the mittens.

On a completely unrelated note, what brand are those lovely baby gates in the first picture?

Seems like there are colds going around all over the place. My husband wasn't as upset that he'd caught a cold as he was with the timing of it over one of his few 4-day weekends.

Hope you are all feeling better today.

I just realized... you get to wear you maternity coat again this year! Good thing you followed your instincts last year and bought it knowing you'd definitely be needing it later on! :)

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