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December 23, 2008


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She does look so grown up in those pictures! Wow -- time flies :-) Those are adorable first-cake pictures.

Kara is a very neat eater! I am glad she was able to have her first cupcake and enjoy it!

Hooray that Kara's feeling better! Those pictures of her with the cupcake are hilarious, she's so expressive!

The visit from afar must have be a joy. Plus, the learning experience of a joyful cupcake was a wonderfully documented sequence.

She is looking so grown up! Adorable!

I love your "21 year-old who just had her first taste of beer" reference. Now which college do you think she may be attending?!

Merry Christmas!

I love it when Kara writes the captions. Glad she finally got to have a cupcake! I am going to pick up a copy of that book. That recipe would be perfect for Dean's monkey and banana birthday cake!

What a wonderful surprise to get to see your sister and bro-in-law! I'll bet you were shocked! That's a wonderful gift. Merry Christmas!!

Those captions under the photos are hilarious! I don't think if a one-year-old could talk, they'd be quite as funny!

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