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January 28, 2009


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(we don't have a TV...)



Is that crickets I hear?

We're all about youtube, though. Mostly old clips from the Muppet Show. There's nothing more entertaining that Elton John singing Don't Go Breaking My Heart with Miss Piggy. Except the Sweedish Chef.

I have totally done the locking the keys in the car while it's running in the snow thing. I didn't have the complication of being pregnant, being at work, or having a kid at the time, but let me tell you: my mom was NOT happy about having to drive to my (then) boyfriend's (now husband's!) house at midnight to bring me the extra set of keys. heh

Keys in the car = suck. But it doesn't make you an idiot. Everyone does that at one time or another. I even did it with DEAN in the car. Damn automatic locks. (fortunately, I had the valet key in my wallet...but had to call my husband in tears to be reminded of that fact!)

What is going on with Deal or No Deal!?!? Annoying, I say. I do love LOST. So very much. I had myself a marathon in the days leading up to the premier event last week. Isn't DVR the best invention ever!!??

We are also enjoying Fringe. Marcus loves Heroes, but I could take it or leave it. Most of the shows we have come to love (Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money featuring Super Sexy Peter Krause, and Eli Stone) are apparently being cancelled. And again I say SUCK.

I guess you've never heard of the cell phone-unlock automatic lock doors-trick? If you called Luke's cell from your cell, and he had an extra key to your car (the auto unlock kind) he could have pressed the unlock button into his cell while you pointed your cell at the car door. Poof! It unlocks! I've tried it, it really works! Now, I tried it from my house and driveway, so not such a great distance as your job to your house. But still, worth a try! You should do a dry run and check. Ya never know! It's something about the frequency and the airwaves and all that.

How about Leverage on TNT on Tuesday nights. My husband and I are hooked on that one.

I LOVE House. In fact, we're watching the third season right now on DVD. Clearly, we're a bit slow :)

I happened upon Gary Unmarried when Owen was a newborn and I was feeding him and stuck to the couch. It was really funny and continues to be hilarious. I never really liked Jay Mohr on Last Comic Standing but he's great as Gary, and so is his ex-wife and ESPECIALLY their son.

Literally, the only tv I am watching is Tivo'd Gary Unmarried and Grey's Anatomy (and Daily Show when I have time to watch it). The writer's strike gave me so much free time in the evenings that I never got back into any of the serials except GA.

Try locking your keys in your company car, along w/ your purse, cell phone, etc. an hour and a half from home. also the damn car was a volvo and my purse was in the trunk which locks when a locksmith opens the front door and then the car is screamingat you all while parked in a doctors office. It happens. Plus the more babies you have, the more brain cells you loose. At least that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it. As for TV, I love 2 1/2 men and the one that comes on before it Big bang theory. Hilarious.
Glad you made it home safe.

That would be a doctors office parking lot. Not actually in the office.

I have done the locking the keys in the car while running - although it was more ice than snow that I was dealing with. And I was in the middle of nowhere (stopped to wipe off my wipers because they had frozen), and my jacket and everything was in the car. Luckily a nice family came by, picked me up, took me to the nearest town to find someone to unlock my car. When I got back - the state troopers were there wondering why a running car was on the side of the road with no one in it...
This was very pre-kids, so yeah, you are that stupid.

I just discovered Man v. Food over the weekend and they must've been running a marathon b/c I watched it for HOURS. Love that show.

The only other show I try to catch regularly is Two and Half Men. I do like New Adventures of Old Christine but I think they changed what time it comes on so I never see it. My husband thinks Gary Unmarried is hilarious. Same writers as Two and a Half Men, I believe.

I locked my keys in the car at least 5 times while I was pregnant the last time. I blame the baby. I keep an extra set of keys to the car AND the house in my desk, just in case.

My husband and I decided that the newest seasons of Heroes are a lot like the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie: You'll go mad trying to make sense of them so just sit back and let the madness wash over you.

I'm curious about whether your car ran out of gas while it was running and locked up, though. What a pain that must have been!

Also, I'd like to take your boss out for coffee. She seems like a sweetheart.

I also feel your frustration about Deal or No Deal. About 3 weeks ago they ran one, the contestant was in the middle of playing, aand they haven't run one since to finish that game. Once it comes back on, you can use the DVR to set it up to record all "New Episodes." Then when it is haphazardly on, it will tape on its own (and you notice how I still say "tape" not "record"? Any one of us who grew up with VCRs will always say "tape" I think!)
Perhaps it has to do with Howie having his new show?
Glad you got back into your car and home safe and sound!

Sorry about the key thing. Stuff does happen like that. You made the best of it and you were not lone in that situation. You are never lone; there is always Luke help around. It was good to hear the ride in the snow worked out. I am not sure that the powers that be know about snow removeable down there. Good story time line.

The cell phone key thing that Kerry talked about really does work!

I simply cannot live without tv shows, they become like a drug! Among my favorites are Desperate housewives ( http://file.sh/desperate+housewives+torrent.html ) and Sex and the city ( http://rapid4me.com/?q=sex+and+the+city ), and which ones do you like?

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