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January 23, 2009


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Pictures of the baby clothes with NO baby in them! YAY! Gald to hear you are well. I wish you a relaxing weekend.

Hooray! So glad to hear you're doing well, resting, and not getting HELLP'd off your feet :)

Yay!! I'm glad the wondering and waiting is over and that you are OK!!

Just a little note. . .
When I post a comment here, it accepts it, and then presents me with a link that says "Post Another Comment". That's really bad for a commenting-obsessed person like me. I hadn't planned on making more comments, but then it TOLD me to, and I thought "all right then, I will!"

I'll try really hard to stop after this one.

oh my goodness! Just checked in to see what was going on. Never a dull moment, eh? Please do take good care of yourself!

I am glad Baby Brother and your body have agreed to wait a little longer so you can feel more prepared!

Phew! Now go put your feet up!!

I've never heard of HELLP Syndrome. Always something new to worry about! Glad to hear all is well. Now get some rest!

Excellent news! Go and relax!

Grandma and Grandpa are delighted that HELLP is not indicated. We are looking forward to staying with Kara while you recover from the birth of Baby Brother in February. But, if little brother decides to come a bit early, our bags are packed, and we are ready to go. Take care. I hope that you get lots of rest this weekend.

Whew! Glad to hear the news. Get some rest.

Glad everything is okay. I love how Luke offered to let you name him Jake. Milk it, girl- MILK IT!

Yes,we are ready to go. Being packed ahead of time is good.

Oh good, glad everything's okay. Try to use this extra time to rest!

oh thank goodness! you look glorious, btw. rest up for the marathon ahead. :P

I am so glad to hear that everything is ok. So, I guess this means that, as planned, in just under two weeks you will be having that baby boy?

I'm so glad you're doing better, I know everything will turn out okay. Can't wait to see baby clothes - with a baby in them. Also - Luke is the sweetest man alive.

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