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January 23, 2009


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I'll be thinking of you today! Particularly as we start the day's 45th reading of "The Lady with the Alligator Purse." :)

Wow - I'll be thinking of you these next couple days. You are doing an awesome job. Whenever that boy comes you'll have two beautiful babies! Again, thinking of your and your family and hoping for all the best.

I would have lost it at "tomorrow"- Good luck today with keeping a level head and getting your work done. Also with the update from the dr.
I dont know what to say other than that.
Will be stalking for updates.

Oh yes, the orangee jug of pee. Had to do that a couple times myself. I had the same problems only I was crying for him to take the baby out! I was so done being pregnant.

One big baby breeder to another- hang in there!

You are in my thoughts. I had my daughter several weeks early and was totally unprepared. But hey! Everything worked out and she didn't know that her room wasn't ready or that I had a nervous breakdown on the way to the hospital....Ahhh kids. They start out so young throwing us curve balls. I guess that is to prepare us for the teen years?

Thinking of you and hoping all is well! Yeah, I'm just gonna leave my google reader open until he's born so I don't miss anything. (even if that means it's open til Feb. 5!) Oh, babies and their own agendas. Watch, this one will probably trick you and come out weighing 6 pounds just to screw with your head. Once you snuggle him, though, nothing else will matter. :)
That was awfully nice of Luke to offer to let you call him Jake. I'll have to remember the crying on the toilet thing for next time around, especially if it's a girl!(Marcus and I don't agree on girls' names. Thank God Dean was a boy.)
Kara is SO excited to have her Momma at home with her! Look at that grin.
Take care of yourself. Good luck with your pee jug. (HATE the pee jug!)

I think you'll be absolutely tickled by your little boy! You seem like such a natural mother that I have no doubt at all that you'll jump right into the swing of things with two kids.

What a wonderful balance your family will have in the outside operational world. Two and two: mom and daughter; father and son. One big happy family all together as one.

Jake is one of my top names for a boy too! Not Jacob, just Jake! That is so sweet of Luke to offer to change his name to Jake.

I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly...I really can't wait to see your new baby!

Hey there! I haven't dropped by in a while and holy baby, I can't believe it's already time for a baby brother to be born. I'm saying a little prayer for your back because guuurl, I can't even imagine how you are standing up straight. This picture so reminds me of the last picture I have of Dom in my belly. The female body really is an amazing thing. I'm glad everything checked out okay. by the looks of things, I do think you just make and carry big babies. Good luck with the delivery (when it happens) and don't worry about your emotions. Remember, they return to normal eventually.
Also, as always, Kara is a DOLL!

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