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January 17, 2009


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I didn't make any resolutions. But I'll make one now -- Have a child-free night away with Hubby!

Our last baby/child-free sleepover was November 20, 2001 (the night before I went into labor with our first). We are hoping to remedy that this year. But our baby is only 16 months old, so I'm not sure we'll be able to pull it off. My mom would not even dream of trying to take care of the baby overnight, but a friend at church who has 6 kids is willing to possibly maybe think about trying it.

I've searched my memory, and I think that I did have one child-free night by myself in May 2006 when I had to fly to another state to interview for a job.

I didn't make a resolution per se, but I tried to give myself a New Year's "pep talk" to get my butt in gear and get organized. We moved in August, and still don't have pictures or anything on the walls! I'm always tired in the morning, but my post-10pm productivity is so great, I worry that I won't be productive at ALL if I don't stay up to take advantage of it. Your experience is encouraging, though! Maybe my "second wind" will come earlier if I'm rested. :)

My New Year's hope was to kick coffee and so far so good. Aside from the lethargy, headaches, and general woe-y-ness, I feel terrific!

I have gotta look into the whole prioritizing thing, I hear it works WONDERS for your ability to come to terms with the idea that you can't do everything ;)

Holy crap, now I HAVE to go to Blog Her so I can say hi to you! I've been hinting to Marcus that I need to go (trying to expand the ole blog, maybe even take the big leap over to TypePad), and now that so many of my favorite bloggers are planning to go, that's gonna seal the deal for me. Plus we have friends in Chicago who are expecting a baby girl in May and I need to go cuddle her.

So far my resolutions to take more "me" time and "Just Be" are working out well! Marcus and I hired ourselves a sitter (one of our students) last Sunday and went to a movie for the first time in over a year. It was great! Our "manny" (man nanny) is working out really well. He comes two days a week while I'm teaching. Dean is having a blast with him. I've also been cooking more and sleeping more, which are making a huge difference, like you said. Going back to work has been incredible for my self-esteem. Marcus and I have a conference coming up in March and we're actively looking for overnight sitters for Dean so we can also take advantage of the free hotel! (and the open bar. ahem.)

Glad you've got a routine established--that'll certainly help once the newborn insanity calms down a bit. Keep getting sleep, lady!

I haven't made any resolutions because usually I make them and then totally forget about them.

I'm with you on the sleep thing though! I have always been more of a night person but, now that I am at work until midnight 4 times a week I end up staying up until 3am just trying to relax and settle in. Which doesn't help me get up at 6:30am to get my daughter ready and off to school much lol.

I recently (i.e. Wednesday) decided I would walk at least 4 days a week (for 45+ minutes). I did walk Wed, Thurs, and Fri, so I will count that as a success!

I also want to have at least one night out. Over night currently isn't an option (still bf when she wakes), but we can definitely go out to eat!

Good plans for the future. The sleep thing is well thought out. Going to bed and getting up at regular time is a great idea. I think that the getting up at the same time each day is the more significant of the two. However, there are days when one must do the best that one can do with all the details of that day. Ben Franklin said, "Early to bed, early to rise makes one healthy,wealthy,and wise." One out of three for me is pretty good.

I am doing so-so with being more organized. You are going to see Elton John and Billy Joel, Philadelphia Freedom and The Piano Man in one sitting...WOW.

Mad props to you. My goals mostly include Get off the Couch and Get off the Couch when I'm at the tail end of a pregnancy. ;o)

Gotta tell ya, Billy Joel was the absolute best concert I've ever seen. A couple of years ago I took my then 15 year-old daughter to Madison Square Garden to see Billy Joel. We were both amazed. His stamina, humor, and of course his best songs ever were so impressive, making me an even bigger fan (I'm from Long Island so I'm an instant fan from birth, lol). I'm sure Luke will enjoy the dueling pianos I hear they do. Have fun!

I'm super psyched about the Geek Lab portion of the BlogHer festivities this year, too. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I'm hoping there might even be buttons, or stickers, or little robots that follow us around.

My resolutions are: 1. To not think about, try to, or become pregnant and/or take care of a tiny baby at any point in 2009(the first time since 2003!). I am going to enjoy the beautiful family we've created together and not worry about adding any more for now. 2. Budget. We've used our kids as an excuse to rack up credit card debt and now we need to get our finances back in shape. This will be HARD. I am SCARED. (Any tips on how to declare yourself legally dead so you can start your financial history over would be welcome!) 3. Play the crap out of our Wii, especially wii fit to keep my butt from growing 4 sizes over the winter months as it tends to do ever year.
Great job on the sleep thing! I have been a night owl since birth, but since Keaton I have to be in bed by 10:30 or I'm a wreck of impatience the next day. I still find it hard to go to bed before 1am on the weekends though! Sounds like your new year is kicking off strong!

No resolutions for me!!! I try to tackle each issue as it gets thrown at me.

AWESOME JOB on trying to get more sleep. I've never know you to get to bed by 10 and you actually did and on your birthday at that, yay!!!

If you need an overnight sitter to give you and Luke some one on one time when you come to Chicago just give me a ring.

I'm not big on resolutions, but more sleep sounds like a good one. I am always sleep deprived and I'm a person who needs her sleep.

Lately I've been attempting to make "real meals" for my family of two rather than just trying to throw something together. Hmmm, do you think that is why I've put on like 4 pounds?? I guess happiness weighs more!! haha

I can't believe baby brother will be here in 2 weeks. That is insane. The time has gone by so fast...for me anyway. LOL

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