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January 30, 2009


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Oh my gosh, congratulations! I can't wait to see pics of this new baby! I remember reading your blog last December when you were teaching our class and getting ready to have your first baby! Good luck!

I'm so excited for tomorrow (I need to be up in three hours to see you and here I am READING YOUR BLOG!) His bedroom is adorable with the little animals and all, and I love that mobile.

Can't wait for morning, seriously. Now don't do anything crazy like have him before I get there. I've got two sets of fully charged batteries and a brand new four gig memory card, wink wink. (The godmother paparazzi is on her way!)

That looks very similar to the color we painted our first baby's nursery!! I'm so excited to meet Baby Brother :-D

All the best to you and Baby Brother. Kara has given you so much. He will build on her love and create his own. He will give you love and a story to tell- I can't wait to hear it!
Good luck with surgery and the birth of your son!

I'd love to say I'm up this early in solidarity, but it's just that Lucy does not respect the weekend sleep-in. No matter! Take care, be well, I wll say a prayer to St. Margaret, patron saint of childbirth for you. Can't wait to meet you, baby brother!

Good wishes for a smooth delivery! I love his room. Dean's is the same kind of moneky motif without going overboard. Very boy appropriate!
Can't wait to hear that he's arrived. I do love Molly/Frema baby updates.

I planned to sleep in. I would have too except that on my way back to bed after letting the dogs outside, a tiny and very dim light went on in my sleepy head. Baby brother is being evicted from his cozy womb right now. I am praying all is fantastic at this very moment. Yikes, this is such a happy way to begin the day. Kara is going to be such a wonderful big sister. What a blessing. My love to you all, deb

I'm so happy that you're going to have your beautiful so to snuggle! You're probably already doing that right now come to think of it.

Congratulations again!

BTW...thanks for the paint color. :)

Sorry, I got excited... that was supposed to say "I'm so happy that you're going to have your beautiful SON to snuggle!"

Baby Brother is here. Mom and baby are fine. I think that his Dad is scheduled to report more on this blog this evening.

Good luck with the surgery! I got out of the hospital in just under 2 days with Megan and it was totally fine...be assertive about getting that catheter & iv out asap and you too will quickly be able to return to your house and chores. And of course Kara. Can't wait to see Baby Brother & find out his name!

Little brother's room is oh so boy. It is really together. It is so super much better than when his dad and I tried to paint it belore the move in. The real professional painters did a wonderful job on the whole house.

I heart green and blue so much--I love your nursery! I also am obsessed with monkeys lately...especially sock monkeys...so I am in love with the monkey/animal theme. Your nursery is so perfect for your little boy!

Love the nursery!

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