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February 23, 2009


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She is getting so tall!
I am sure the balancing act will only get easier.
As Kara gets older, I have been meaning to tell you for quite sometime that she looks a lot like I did at that age.
(God help her to keep growing to look like YOU, however! ;)

Ya just gotta LOVE bookworm toddlers. Seriously. (At least, I do. There. I'll say it: I LOVE BOOKWORM TODDLERS. And bookworm KIDS. And bookworm TEENS. And bookworm ADULTS. Bookworms, bookworms, bookworms.)

(Okay, I've gotta admit: the above enthusiasm is real, but it's also meant to camouflage my anxious reaction to an issue you've touched on here. Only my worry is that #2 simply cannot be as awesome as my firstborn because, seriously, my girl, like your girl, is like the Mary Poppins of toddlers and it would be impossible to win the lotto twice. I know this is silly and a (hypothetical for us right now) second would be awesome in different ways. Right? Right?)

I love bookworms, too! Dean would rather read than do anything else. It kind of makes my day. My nephew doesn't get read to much, so whenever I visit and start reading to him he looks at me like "What are you doing to my book?" It's sad. Books are so important, not only for their language skills, but for their imaginations! And I will now step off my soapbox. ;)

Kara is going to be a great big sister. Isn't it interesting how some kids are so in tune with things even at an early age? Dean's best friend Kate is 2 and she LOVES to come over and "take care" of Dean. She's a total mother hen. Sounds like Kara is super patient and loving--a great trait for a big sis! Nathan's a lucky guy. And she's gorgeous and has great fashion sense.

AJU5 prefers to "read" herself or to have me read one book while she reads another. I guess it saves me from having to hear the same story (and memorizing it)! She is growing up fast, but she is still your little girl! I am glad you get to have so great Mommy/Daughter time!

I was worried that I wouldn't have room for my second bc I love my first SO much (there are 16 months bw them), and it took a bit longer to bond with Holly (for a variety of reasons), but now I can see that you never replace your kids with new ones. I love seeing how mine (2.5 and 14 mo) are now interacting together (fighting is the better word, but my hubby thinks it is the most adorable thing to see them at it that I have been forced to see it in a more positive lght as of late). She may seem a little overwhelmed, but you have given her the best present ever in a sibling (esp a close one). The benefits will far outweigh any perceived time discrepencies. Also, Kara is TOO cute. Seriously. She could be Holly's twin- age, size, colouring, hair, you name it. CUTE!

What a beautiful post. I've always wondered about how things change for parents when a second child enters the family. Kara is definitely a special little girl, with the most! adorable! face! How could anyone forget her?!

This was just a really beautiful post.

There is only so much time and needs are taken care of as they are required to be taken care of. First things first. But there is enough love to go around to all. That love will continue to bind together the whole family.

Awww. What a sweet little girl you have!

Hey there, I found you through Parents.com. Love your blog! Gorgeous little 14 month old! :)

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