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February 16, 2009


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aw...sweet baby cheeks! *nibble*

What a sweet post! They almost look like the same baby in those first pictures. I'm glad Kara is adjusting so well. You and Luke are really inspiring, the way you take things one step at a time and figure out what works for your family. And my WORD, y'all make pretty babies!

There definitely is a very strong resemblance there, and they are SO adorable together!

I agree with Jen L. - the way your family does things really is inspiring. I especially admire the way you and Luke seem to work together as a team. Oh, I'm sure you have your differences, but I love that you present a united force and that you are 'pro-Luke' on the internet :-)

Ouch. My uterus just blew up. TOO SWEET and yes, adorable! Big hugs to your beautiful family!!

Beautiful. I think Nathan's going to end up looking more like Luke, although of course it's difficult to say so early.

They are both just so adorable. You guys are so lucky and when those two are older, I would guess they are going to be very very close because of how close in age they are.

I almost wanted to cry a little when you were telling about Kara's bedtime story. That's so sweet!

Kara and Nathan are both so cute and baby chubby I don't know how you hold yourself back from eating them right up! :)

The picture of Kara and Nathan is so cute! You are amazing. Thinking about having a newborn on top of AJU5 is more than I could even think of! Hopefully Kara and Nathan will "play" well together so Luke doesn't have to go completely crazy when you go back to work!

You are so blessed! Those babies are beautiful. Your post made me tear up. Glad things are going as smoothly as they can w/ two close to one.

Those baby pictures are amazing...they do look so very much alike!

You are so lucky to have Luke there with you...so many times the mom is on maternity leave and there by herself...you must be having some awesome family time!

And Luke will be fine. Of course there will be frustrations, but I know he (and you going back to work) will be fine! And don't worry about that now for goodness sakes! Enjoy the present!

I can't say anything that hasn't already been said but I wanted to agree with how adorable your kids are!
Your and Luke really do seem to work together well...best of luck for the changes ahead, but I hope you can enjoy the next few weeks!

I'm so glad to hear that Kara is adjusting to her new role so well! She'll be a great big sister one day, and it may go easier for her than for other since she'll have been a big sister since she can remember.

Glad to hear, too, that you're feeling good about this big transition. It sounds like you're all doing great, way to go!

They're gorgeous! You should be so proud.

I know you wrote words up there but I couldn't concentrate- he is just so beautiful, Bree! And Kara too! (but that just goes without saying)

Holy cats!! Look how much he's changing already! They look so sweet together. Can't wait to witness it in person.

Yes, for sure brother and sister. They look a lot alike in those pictures. They will grow and develop together. Such joy and love.

Frema...you inspire me! :-)

Zyugg---that was hello from Danny Jr. i LOVE YOU and am so happy that you're happy. Call me/I'll call you soon.

A belated but very heartfelt congratulations to you and your lovely family!! :)

Boy, they are so much alike in their moments after birth pictures! My first two were like that, too, but they look different now, one year later. I am LOVING these posts because I am going to have a 16 month old and a newborn here in May and I am so curious about how my (for now) baby will do. I hope it continues to go well, they are just beautiful!

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