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March 16, 2009


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Having no kids, I find posts like this so incredibly interesting. And I love the pictures. Even with toys scattered across the carpet, it looks like a cute and cozy home filled with love!

Ah the toy obstacle course! We have one of those that Maggie loves taking her baby stroller through. I remember with our first literally counting down the days until she turned 6 weeks old because that was the magical number where she'd turn more human and less screamin meemie! Adorable!

You look great, and the house looks very cozy and homey!

That Kara is a doll..love the pics!

Oh, I know it's a struggle (I have 3) and I think you're doing a great job. It's all right to have doubts... I think you'd be crazy if you didn't! Things do and will get easier!! (for the crying and not being able to put him down, I just want to say that we had that with #2 and with #3, we put him to sleep on his stomach [shh!] and all was well... he just wasn't having it on his back, but the stomach was golden. saved us tons of sanity)
Thanks for sharing, I love seeing your updates. And with kids that cute? *sigh*

Keaton was 6 weeks when I read a post on Ask Moxie in which the poster detailed how easy having two kids turned out to be for her and many of the comments reflected the same thing. I could not stop crying because I felt like the biggest failure after reading it. I felt much the same as you, blessed and grateful for a beautiful family but oh so tired. Raising two is logistically and emotionally HARD for me because I'm an all or nothing kind of gal. The art of half-assing things has come VERY slowly to me, but I'm learning. There are still some days when I feel like I'm constantly having to choose between them but it DOES get so much easier down the line. These early days seem to stretch out forever, but hopefully spring will brighten things up and soon everything may just seem more manageable-sounds like you're already on your way!

You look so pretty, how is it that you can make tired look good? I love that carpeting and wall color in your living room, very cozy!

The laminate floors are all fun and games until someone plays matchbox cars on them and the twee little scratches turn your floors into a mini-Autobahn.

Not that I would know from personal experience when my nieces did that while I watched them. Certainly not.

I felt SO much like you do after my son was born. I had been following so many blogs with toddlers and new babies, and everyone was gushing about how well the older ones were adapting, and helping out, and how the new babies just slept so well and fit in to their families so perfectly. And once I had my son, and my daughter was begging for attention (she was 2), and the baby was always crying and fussing, and I just wanted to RIP THOSE BLOGGERS HEADS OFF for making is all sound so perfect and easy. Because it isn't, at the beginning. It's hard work, and it's a big adjustment for everyone. But it DOES get easier, and 8 months later, my daughter loves her brother to death now - plays with him, sings to him, brings him toys. It's better than I could have hoped for. So hang in there, this is really the hard part, and you have an adorable family waiting for you at the end of the tunnel!

You have 2 very cute children. I love how much they look alike.

Thanks for sharing the pictures - of the babies AND the house!
I see the Maria shirt (the shade of blue definitely gives it away) and I used to have a giraffe almost identical to the one Kara is holding in the picture.
Hang in there with everything. I am sure you are doing just fine!

We have the exact same Pack 'n Play, an item I resisted registering for because how many things does a baby really need? But smarter people told me I would want one, and THEY WERE RIGHT. We have a townhouse and lord knows how many trips upstairs that thing has saved me.

He is so long now that his feet hang off the end of the changing table, but we're still using it.

Also- you look beautiful. Hang in there.

Excellent post. The kids are so cute. Our living room always looks like a tornado just blew through it. Our poor sitter tries to pick up on the days he's here, but Dean just goes behind him and unpacks everything. It's nice to pick it all up at night so we can enjoy the cleanliness while Dean sleeps and start with a clean slate in the morning, even if it only lasts 10 minutes. (I am an obsessive vacuumer, did you know?)
The house looks wonderful! Carpet was a good call. You look great, by the way.

Your story sounds remarkably like mine - I also have a six week old that I love to death but boy can he scream! Still, you get your house cleaned up at the end of the day while mine stays disgustingly messy, so you are doing much better than I am on that front. Good luck to you and I look forward to reading more posts.

I highly recommend you guys figure out a sling--it's the only way I've been able to handle 2 kids on my own on my days off with both! It's also the only way my 6 month old gets a second nap...

The logistics of taking care of two are ridiculously overwhelming at first. But you figure it out and it starts to feel normal. After a few months, anyway. ;)

Eat those donuts and cookies on paper plates for as long as you damn well please!

OMG I am still mad about how hard the first few months were with my second and now I am about to have my third! Ahhh! I have to say, though, you are going to be fine and I just know it because I just do. For a few months, we never left the other one alone with both children, and my son did FLIP out when my baby daughter cried, which was (suckily) a lot, in the beginning. But good weather is coming and that will help!

I did get a sling and it helped, I got a Moby sling for the beginning and I looked up on youtube how to put it on. I used to just get up in the morning and put it on over my clothes and just pop my grumpy ass baby in it whenever. Sometimes I would do a light workout with her the sling, much to my son's amusement. The movement really, REALLY seemed to help her. I think when she was around six weeks was when our ped gave her Zantac because she did spit up a lot and even though I didn't know if it was bothering her or not, she wasn't talking, so we had to try it. It doesn't make them stop spitting up but it supposedly takes the acid out, and the pain. Forgive me if you said you've looked into this, I just quickly read your post because I am running out of time. You can look at my blog from last January/February/March and see that it was the same for us and we did get through it! My girl is 14 months now and is still kind of a pissant but I feel like I'm in charge again, which is nice. Hang in there!

No one would ever think that it means that you don't love your son, of course you do. But that doesn't mean that it makes it any easier to get yelled at all day! I used to feel ground down to a NUB by the end of the day. But it will get better, I promise.

You sound like you guys are being so smart about it, paper plates, less laundry, etc.

Good job. Life is moving ahead for the whole family. Getting over the colds is a big help.

Every time I see pictures of Nathan (and Kara, too) I can't believe how big he is getting so quickly. We will plan a visit soooon.

Also, the picture of your living room with toys everywhere is my very most favorite. Reminds me of home. :o)

Hope your first day(s) back at work went well!

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