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March 04, 2009


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Hahaha! I love this!!

This is awesome. And a little eerie. I'm giong to go to facebook right now and copy mine and email it to you. There are freaky similarities in our relationships.
Um, those pictures? Almost made me cry. Sweet little sacked-out Kara on her daddy! And NATHAN! He's so frickin' cute.
This was fun.

I loved this!!

Remember when we thought hitting the one year marker was this off-the-charts idea for a couple and made them so long termish and lasty forever? And just like that, almost nine years for you guys and it seems so...normal? I'm going down a bad road here. Welcome to old.

Anyway, trying to say this was fun. :o)

I take great comfort in knowing that you guys don't have a huge support system built up in Indy... we've been living in the same place for 5 years and we hardly know our neighbors. I mean, I'm fine with that, and it's not like we're on bad terms or anything... but I kind of thought it was abnormal. I am glad to know it is not!

This was really fun to read.

*waving hand!* SERIOUSLY email me if you want to hang out. We've been here for 2 years now and are definitely still trying to make friends. It's so hard as a couple with small children. No time! But we're finding that hanging out with other couples and their kids for a pizza and playtime on a Sat. or Sunday once or twice a month makes us feel SOMEWHAT human!

"...but for me, the devil is in the details."

YES. Same with me. Besides OBSESSING over the cleanliness of the stove, I'm the one who cleans baseboards, scrubs between the faucet handles, and vaccums under the nightstands. In other words, I take care of the things no one ever notices.

I totally didn't know you have been blogging this long! I loved looking back at the links you included!

This was so cute- I've read some of your archives but the kids kinda eat the time away so it was nice to read some of yours and Luke's back story. What a fun and sweet history you two have!
The picture of him holding Kara says it all. Thanks for sharing!

Very sweet! I did this meme on my blog as well and I, too, came out of it looking way worse than Wes. When you're more stubborn, irritable, and neat-freakish, what's not to love?

This is so sweet! I love love and everything that goes along with it.

One thing I've always wondered though, how tall is Luke? He always seems to be towering over everything.

You have such a lovely family.

Try going through the park district and signing up for daddy/mommy classes or playtimes. Then you will meet new parents in your same situation, become friends and swap babysitters (when your comfortable with that)or, have a neighbor girl come and be a Mommy's/daddy's helper and get to know your kids better.Then they can babysit when they are red-cross certified. It worked for me because I also was over an hour away from any family.

Love AD

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