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April 03, 2009


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You look fantastic! Your kids are absolutely adorable!

I can't believe how quickly Kara has gone from being a baby to a real live, gorgeous little GIRL!

Kind of sort of related, I read your parents post about family size and I have to ask, what's wrong with hormonal birth control? Do I not know about some research or something? I feel like I'm missing something.

I would've commented over there but you have to register and since I only go there for your posts (seeing as how I'm not a parent) I kind of hate that about their site. So I'm asking here :)

PS your family of four is ADORABLE. Kara is growing so quickly and I love that she's such an avid book lover already.

Liz: With hormonal birth control, the potential is there to make your uterus an inhospitable environment in the rare event that an egg is fertilized so the egg will not implant. According to the Planned Parenthood Web site, there is no proof this actually happens, and my doctor even said the Pill itself doesn't work that way, but the whole concept makes me uncomfortable. I don't like the idea of possibly interfering with the life process once it's begun, even if the odds of it happening are extremely rare. I fully acknowledge that I'm overly cautious about this, and I would never try to convince another woman to stop using birth control. Babies are HARD, yo.

That is a great stroller. And I was fine til the pictures, then I cried. God, I am a sappy mess. ;) It's because tiny baby boys are just so damn sweet.

Your plan sounds good. That is one of the best parts about living closer to our families: they can come to us! I was hoping for a nice Christmas at home this year instead of the 21 day travelling nightmare we endured last year, but my sister in law just informed us we'll be getting a new family member around the holidays, so I guess we're going to DC again!

Your little family looks great, Frema. And you're doing a wonderful job at taking it all in stride.

That stroller lured me in with it's color scheme, too! Sadly Keaton hated it, so we ended up selling it and getting a BOB for each kid (our trail system is unpaved) and an Ergo.
I remember coming home from work and gluing myself to Rowan. Bill would have to physically pull her from me to put her to bed. (He knew if I did it I would rock her for 45 minutes after she fell asleep so I could sniff her head.) I find it hard to balance my time between the two and now I spend all day with them so I really sympathize with you for having to fit all your head sniffing time into a few short hours (when you also have dinner, baths etc. to take care of, phew!).
You look great and everyone looks happy- Yay!

God, I can't believe I missed your last post. I feel like I am you right now, minus the older kiddo. My daughter is 5 weeks, and seems to be a clone of Nathan: the spitting up, the incessant screaming and fussiness, and the need to be held 100% of the time. I can't even imagine doing this with TWO kids.

I'd be curious to know how you're doing w/ the formula/bottles, b/c we're heading down that road this weekend. I think she needs Zantac too, she seems so uncomfortable after eating. Dr. Brown's are working ok for us for now.

You are not only making it, your are doing a super job. Now is the time frame to settle into getting through the night and to work and home again. As time goes on it will get easier and easier.

I love the pictures! You look great 9 weeks postpartum (especially since that is #2 in less than 15 months!)

Ohhh yeahhh! I loved your marathon entry! These pictures make me want to hit the highway to eat your children up. I can't wait to come down for a visit. :o)

Also, Danny is getting so big!

It's so hard to take them to daycare, isn't it? Every day is a marathon that never ends and then there's the emotional toll - I'm not crying as I leave him anymore but it still kinda breaks my heart. I only get a little time with him in the evening before it's bedtime so now my new worry, believe it or not, is that he's sleeping too much. I'm sure he's actually not. By the way, I blog in short snippets while he sleeps, and it's mostly housework-be-damned. Take care, and you look great.

Wonderful to hear from you. Glad to know that everything is still ticking along and you're happy. Your family is lovely.

You guys are looking great! I love the last picture, where it looks like Kara is waving at the camera! :)

I love your title as well as this post. The Indigo Girls came on the radio a few days before you wrote this post. Miles commented that this was your song. You and your little family really are "closer to fine" in many ways. I just found and will be listening all of the wedding tunes including "Closer to Fine."

(I am in awe of anyone who posts more than every few weeks. My last post was February 8th.)

OH THE BABY FEVER!!! OOOH! Your family of four is so amazing and beautiful and a miracle! Clearly, I could go on and on. I'm just so happy for you guys.

Kara seems like such a funny little person, what a cutie!

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