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April 09, 2009


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Girl, you're not alone with the Spanx disappointment. I really don't like any of the Spanx products I've tried. I think that Spanx are foundation garments made for people who don't really NEED foundation garments. Because the only way one of their camis, or mini-slips, or whatever is not going to roll up or down or otherwise shift out of place is if you're already so skinny that you don't need to be wearing a Spanx in the first place! So there's that. Good luck.

I am embarrassed to say that I own a Spanx bra that was RIDICULOUSLY expensive and will not fit me after this pregnancy is over and my boobs deflate like the burning Hindenburg, but it rocks. Good to know that the foundation undergarment (who knew I'd ever want something like that?) is not worth it.

On the Reader front: I do use my reader but almost always click over to the actual site to fully enjoy the cool layouts and headers and such. It's just easier to know who has new posts through Reader.

And your pics? They are a public service today as they make me actually WANT to give birth to this baby rather than curl up and pretend that this huge belly is just a whole lotta gas. Thank you for that.

I use Google Reader because it's so much more efficient but I totally agree that you miss a lot by doing so. Also, all my in-laws have recently started using facebook. It's freaking me out!

You need the spanx panties. The ones that come up to under your boobs. The best and trust me they work...I have had 3 kids and I call my stomach my second row of boobs. Sorry too much info there. Anyway...I still load my blog pages too. Love the pictures of the kiddos. Cute! cute! Cute!

You're going to see Billy and Elton?


My friend? I am here for you...

Valerie left to move back to Buffalo because she was just done. After David broke up with her AGAIN she had a one night stand with a photographer who turned out to be HIV positive. She left during Brandon and Kelly's non-wedding to get her results and then left shortly thereafter.

Dylan and Kelly DO end up together. On the finale at David and Donna's wedding Kelly and Dylan end up together. And on nu-90210 they are not exactly together at the moment but they DO have a son.

Steve ad Janet DO get married and they have a daughter named Maddie. They live in the Walsh house and run a newspaper that is NOT the Beverly Beat.

Gina leaves after Donna's dad dies. She gets a job with, I think, Fox Sports as a figure skating commentator. She does not come back for David and Donna's wedding.

And Spanx are SO not worth the hype. I completely agree.

So, I use Google Reader a lot like Jenna - just to know who has new posts. There are a few blogs I do read within the reader, but most I go to the actual blog.

AJU5 sits with me at church. We go to a small church, and there really isn't a nursery because the only kids would be AJU5 and two of her friends. So, we just sit near each other and enjoy the time. I know of others who have their kids sit with them (that go to big churches) - I think if she would sit with you "quietly" then no one would have an issue!

I have to use Google Reader. There are just too many dang blogs for me to keep up with and GR lets me know who has updated so I don't click all 150 of them each and every day.

I LOVE Nathan's face in that second photo. And is that a Mario Brothers shirt?

Google Reader helps me to not forget about blogs I enjoy but that don't get posted regularly (no dig intended), and I don't mind clicking over if I want to comment. Mostly the extra effort keeps me from leaving empty "me too" comments.

No help here on Gilmore Girls or 90210.

As always the kids and you are adorable!

Lots of churches now have pagers for parents to take with them when they leave their kids in the nursery, and many have security measures like a tag you have to turn in to pick up a child, or some sort of sign-in/sign-out procedure. That might ease your mind a bit about leaving Kara in the nursery.

My younger daughter screamed like a banshee the first few (dozen) times I left her in the nursery, but I was the children's minister and had to work! Luckily she came to LOVE her teachers--they were just about the only people besides me that she would allow to hold her.

I have a blog reader of some sort (Google, probably?) but have never used it. It feels kind of cold and remote to me.

Neither of mine gave up their night feeding until they were 4 months. Hope Nathan figures it out soon! * Yay for your pants falling off. I've seen your pictures and I'm sorry. You are not a size 14/16. Get thee some 12s. * I've seen all of 90210, but for the life of me couldn't remember what happened, Thanks PaintingChef! * I am very jealous of your Billy and Elton concert. Have fun! * Our church nursery won't take infants- kids have to be walking or over 1. We just left K for the first time last month. He has AWFUL separation anxiety so I was scared. I set him down and sort of slowly backed away and he was like "Get out of here woman, they have trucks, a slide and a tea set- I'm good". Now he throws a fit when we pick him up :(. * I love looking at the sites so I always go directly there but truthfully I don't even know how one obtains a google reader. I should probably know that, huh? * Your mom beat you to FB? Oh, Bree. I'm sorry. :). * Clearly demonstrated by these pictures, toddlers strangling babies is the new cutest thing ever. * Thanks for all the updates!

Progress all around. Yeah!

I am like you, I prefer visiting people's actual websites. The way I do it is my browser starts with my iGoogle homepage. On it, I have the Google Reader widget. It lists the title of the post and the blog it comes from [both are clickable] and when I click, it opens in a new tab.

Completely changed the way I browse and it means I don't have to waste time checking sites that haven't updated. Love it.

Glad to know how you are your family are getting on.

Yeah, not so much with the Google Reader. I loaded it up and never checked it again. I have my favorites bookmarked and I just go down the list in order. I do have Advice Smackdown and Ask Moxie in a type of reader on My Yahoo, so I guess those are the only ones I don't visit the "old fashioned" way.

Yay, for Billy and Elton! One of the best concerts ever. I've seen them twice.

Yeah, moms on Facebook. My mom calls it "the" Facebook, as in "Did you see so-and-so's new picture up on The Facebook?" She is not my friend on there. Gotta keep something sacred, ya know?

Dude, that shirt is amazing. I read blogs one at a time the old-fashioned way, but maybe that's just because I'm antiquated and like looking at the designs too.

Your Mother and I are having a blast with facebook-I make fun of her and she makes fun of me-BTY you need to check out my page-remember Lake LaDonna? Pre-Kara? you are already on facebook my friend!

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