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April 30, 2009


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Once again, a well thought out position has been generated. It is the best for this point in time. Good job.

You SHOULD be proud! Do you know you were my first blog friend? 'Tis true! I had a pitiful little blog of my own for family and such before I got pregnant. Once Dean was on his way, I discovered your Parents blog, which led me to this blog, which got me checking out the sites on your blogroll, and the rest is history! The sites I found not only inspired me to shake up my own blog, but also provided me with an amazing community of friends and support. When we finally meet IRL (which won't be at BlogHer 09 due to husband's 20 year reunion...boo), I owe you a big hug of thanks for opening my eyes to the great blogosphere!

Happy blogversary! (Is that the right word?) No matter how sporadic your posting, it is wonderful for you to have this record of your life with Luke and all of Kara and Nathan's milestones, not to mention all the other fun Frema things. And LOTS of us understand what parenthood is like and certainly can't expect you to chain yourself to the computer instead of snuggling those two cuties that live in your house.

You rock a lot. And so does your mom.

Jen L: A classic "your mom" joke! I'm so touched.

I am not sure that I have commented before, but I read here and at Parents. Do I love reading Sundry and Amalah? Hells yeah. But does it mean that since you post less frequently here I'll delete you from my reader, no. I still enjoy reading you and I think that a blog should be more for you than anything else.

I miss TLF too! But I'm glad to see whatever you have time/motivation to share.

I like your blog just the way it is. You shouldn't worry about not posting as often as others. I've long since abandoned clicking your site every 20 minutes for an update (which, thank goodess for Google Reader)!

I am thrilled when I see your blog in my google reader. It's always the first one I read if there is a new one!

I love your blog. I spent a very happy few weeks going back to the beginning and reading your archives after first finding you on Parents. I love your perspective on things and I LOVE TLF! I always get excited when I see you have a new post and totally understand how truly busy you must be! Happy Blogversary!

Happy Blogiversary, pal!

A couple months ago Kraft sent me certificates for three free packs of their new hormone free cheese to give out in a contest or something on my blog, plus ten dollars to have a grilled cheese night with my kids. I pocketed the ten bucks, picked up the free cheese for our house, and never did anything with it on my blog. I did, however, become a loyal hormone-free Kraft mom, so my $4 per week in singles purchases has to mean something, right?

In the months after Keaton was born things got pretty rough with all the crying and nursing problems I was having. In a desperate search for information on Parents.com I found your blog and wow, it made such a difference in my life. It was like entering the Wardrobe and finding this whole different world. Reading about your experiences with Kara (and subsequently finding your personal blog) made me feel so much less alone. I was a blog virgin and through your blog, blogrolls and links I found myself a place to learn with others, participate in awesome discussions, laugh and just be able to feel connected at a time when things were pretty grim. Thank you for writing your blogs. You have become a mentor to me as I (slowly) learn how to navigate writing my own and I so appreciate it.

You know I'm a loyal reader, and as a fellow momma working outside the home, I get why you can't blog more often here...and I only have ONE kid! Like rkmama and Jen, I think you were one of my first blog friends that I didn't know in real life, and through your blog I've found them and others, so THANKS and Happy Blogiversary!

ps, yes we all love Amalah, dooce & co., but they are not blog friends who know me from adam, so I'm more interested in the relationships (eek - not in a creepy way I swear) that I've been able to build with other bloggers who may not get a zillion hits a month.

and that would be the reason I still read you even if I don't comment very often:)

congrats on the five years!!

Happy blogaversary!

Great job on this post, I appreciate how honest you are about what your goals are and how those have panned out. It's really hard to look at the amalah's and the dooce's of the world and not feel like, "Hey, I could totally do that."

I think you're right on when you say that it's a question priorities, and what you want your blog to be. Sure, I too would love to make an income from my blog but I also don't want to change it to be something other than what I need it to be for me.

It's a tenuous balance, and one you have to keep fixing all the time. You're doing great, and your updates are always a delight. You're Superwoman, never forget that.

Frema, it's been a joy to read along as so much has happened for you and your family over the past few years. I don't know how you manage to do all that you do! I'd much rather read your far-between posts than more regular updates from someone who is posting just for the sake of posting something new, or trying to drum up sponsorships by dropping all the right keywords and tags.

Relationships with the blogosphere change and evolve just like any other relationship. Just do what works for you at this very moment!

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