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April 12, 2009


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Okay, the only things in AJU5's basket where empty plastic eggs and two balls. I thought about putting the candy/fruit snacks in as well, but I didn't get around to it. She didn't seem to care. She enjoyed pulling the eggs out and then putting them back in. We didn't dye eggs- I wasn't quite ready for the mess (and I was pretty sure she would drink the liquid). So, with two, I think you are doing great!

Oh, my God, he's so beautiful! I loved the pics of Kara hugging him in the last post, by the way.
We did a similar Easter basket. I threw some fruit snacks, plastic eggs, a monkey puppet, some Little People and a book into a bucket for Dean. He was very interested in the paper grass and the plastic eggs.
I'm so glad you're getting some time away with Luke! Marcus and I have already declared a "Marjen Day" during our big family vacation this summer. CANNOT WAIT!

Next to the basket that you and Luke made for Miles and me two years ago, that is the best Easter basket. The Frog and Toad dolls are so cute, but of course Nathan is even more precious.

I had thoughts in my head until you posted the picture of That Adorable Boy at the end. Look at how sweet he is!!!

It is funny that you say all this, because just last night I was falling apart to Kevin over the monotonous, absolutely exhausting repitition that is my current daily life. I don't know if I want to wish the baby older or wish that I had more hands, more time, or what, but I do so hear what you're saying, friend. On with it. :o)

I didn't do any Easter basket at ALL, for my 3 year old OR my one year old. In my defense, neither of them really know that it's Easter - the 3 year old is autistic and not that down with the concept of holidays or gifts yet and the one year old is - well, one and also kind of ignorant to it. Also I'm due in four weeks with the third and I just couldn't stand the thought of it.

I could NOT agree with you more about the drudgery and monotony that is our lives with little ones. Of course we love them and they're perfect, etc., etc., but let's face it - it sucks to be without sleep and it sucks to be covered in food and (God help us) worse all the time. It sucks to not ever say anything to your husband except "hand me that" or "grab her before she jumps off that thing" or whatever. It's boring and stupid but apparently, these are the GOOD YEARS and we will miss them! Hang in there, I hope we all get more rest soon, maybe spring weather will help - or at least the rain to stop, in Indianapolis today. :)

You are doing great! The first few months with two I just hung on for dear life. I finally feel some wiggle room now that my youngest is six months. But my house is still a disaster. Yours sounds so nice and orderly compared to ours!

I so feel you on the Let's Just Get Past This-ness of life with young children. Bill and I were just talking about how even though this year was still stressful, we actually felt it was the first manageable holiday since we've had kids. Hang in there!

When Keaton hit about 4 months I NEEDED to do something Normal for myself. I picked up Rushdie's Midnight's Children from my bookshelf and swore to myself I would read it a few nights a week. In my sparse spare time I had just been reading or watching fluff and I needed to delve into something that required a different part of my brain than the one trained for wiping butts. It took about 4 months but I finished it and was so proud. It is now one of my favorite books and only part of that is the actual content- mostly because I pushed through and let myself enjoy something for ME during that incredibly demanding and monotonous time.
Also, love the Frog and Toad dolls!!

The basket looks great. There was a lot of good stuff there for the two of them. Fun to unpack.

He is SO adorable!!!

"neither she nor the boy had the slightest clue what today was, anyway, so really we could've done nothing and they would've been none the wiser."

You know, if you don't introduce TV, you can keep this up until at LEAST kindergarten!!! OK, even though the thought is tempting, I haven't actually done that.

"But after being in the pregnancy/baby grind for literally two years now, I'm ready to broaden my horizons a bit."

I still want to have a big family, but sometimes, what you said sounds SO TEMPTING! I've put in 8 straight years of pregnancy and babies so far, and I expect I'll have another 12-15 or so, depending on how long my fertility holds out!

I think you two did great, and Kara and Nathan are ecstatic with what you did for them. Oh, he is just the most handsome little fellow, isn't he?

Hey Bree...I've actually stumbled across your blog before (just never commented), and read it many times, it always makes me laugh. And both your kids are amazingly cute. I look forward to keep reading your blog from time to time.

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