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May 11, 2009


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Great post. I love that you have found a church home and all that comes with that. I must say that babywearing looks so cute on you. Since the new grandbaby will be living at our home I plan to wear that little one every chance I get.

I am glad the church seems very child friendly! This may be what y'all needed to find "social" time for Kara that isn't too stressful. Praise God!

How exciting that life's finally settled down enough to enable you to go to church and start venturing out! I totally hear you on the quiet domesticity that comes with being holed up at home all the time, but hopefully being out in the world will bring you some new kinds of joy as well!

I'm glad that things are settling down a bit for you and that you've found a church that you like.

What kind of baby carrier do you have? I'm looking into getting one b/c my double stroller is HUGE.

Church is part of life and part of life is church. There is to be a proper balance in that church can take a lot of time. The proper social structure is that lots of people share in the work load. I know a lady that may have the layleader job for life. She is that good, but she need not do everything. There is great joy not only in worship, but also in Sunday school class. The interaction therein is very positive. The concept of "less is more" has a lot of value.

Ditto on wondering about the baby carrier--I have the bjorn, and Lila hates it b/c she still has to face in. The back comes up above her head, so she can't really turn her head, or see anything but my chest when she's in it. I like that Nathan can see out in yours! (But I also think he's a little older than Lila, so that could be the case.)

Glad to hear about your church. It's important to have that connection.

Happy Belated Mothers Day!!

Re: the baby carrier: Last year I received two different carriers from Parents.com to review for an online article they were putting together. I got rid of the sling because I couldn't figure out how to use it, but the one I kept and liked was the Maclaren Techno Baby Carrier (pictured above). At first I was intimidated by all the buckles, but now I love it, and it's super easy to strap Nathan in. Plus, like Megan mentioned, he's able to see out just fine. I have no idea how much it costs, though. I got it for free as a thank-you for submitting feedback.

Also, I believe Amalah wrote a column about baby carriers on the Advice Smackdown at some point. I think she uses an Ergo and likes it a lot.

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