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May 22, 2009


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Please tell me you got ice cream at Oink's - that place is the BEST!

Happy anniversary! I'm so glad you guys had this time together. Sounds like a great trip.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Sean and I are hoping to do something similar in October.

I actually had the opportunity to dine at Timothy's this past January when my firm had their annual retreat in the Union Pier/New Buffalo area. Liked it, although it is a tad expensive. And Happy Anniversary!

A way nice idea of a weekend in Michigan. I think that that is a plan to try myself with grandma.

Awesome...you were in my neck of the woods. :) We live in Kzoo Michigan and our FAVORITE winery is Round Barn (I actually grew up in Baroda!). LOVE IT. Next time, you also have to make it to Tabor Hill, too. :) Just down the road from Round Barn.

We had a wonderful time with the sweet children so this was a great weekend for us too.

Charlie and I love the wine trail and have planned a week in New Buffalo just to enjoy the wine, the beach, the dunes, each other... Last October we went to Round Barn for a tasting and I found myself standing at the bar completely surrounded by people who had either graduated from SJC or had parents who graduated from SJC. They asked me tons of questions, toasted SJC, laughed, cried...I should turn in my receipts as work related expenses.

What a great way to celebrate an anniversary!

Levon is my least favorite of Elton's songs so I think it was a very appropriate time to spend looking at pictures.

What a lovely low-key anniversary celebration! Glad you and Luke can get away to take little trips like that, they're lifesavers!

Happy Anniversary and good for you for getting away. We are always trying to figure out how to get away and not spend too much time traveling Sometimes we just go downtown, to dinner and to stay in a hotel, even though we are literally one mile away! It's hard to remember that you are a couple, too, as well as parenting partners, good for you!

It looks like the perfect vacation! How fun! Next weekend Edgar and I are headed up to Baltimore to celebrate our one year anniversary. I can't wait! We are staying at a B&B, which is a total splurge, but hopefully will be worth it. One year is a big deal, right?!! :-) Happy anniversary to you and Luke.

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