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May 15, 2009


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We listen to music - but a different way - through our TV. Our TV talks to our computer where we have all of our CDs ripped. So, we can make playlists there and then play them on the TV. It is nice! I still listen to the radio some downstairs (on an old radio), but when I am tired of that I go to the music via the TV.

We don't have cable so we're all about our ipod.
We are listening to:
*Adele, 19. So good I get all choked up on 3 or 4 songs and Rowan LOVES it.
*Imogen Heap (formerly of Frau Frau), Everthing. Am a sucker for her.
*Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope. Love this whole CD.
*Once soundtrack.
*Oren Lavie, The Opposite Side of the Sea. He has that really cool video, you know- this one,

I've been feeling the funky energetic tunes lately. Some of my recent favs (courtesy of Pandora) are:
Hang Me Out to Dry - Cold War Kids
40 Feet - Franz Ferdinand
El Scorcho - Weezer

I'll have to check out the music you've listed that I'm unfamiliar with. It all sounds very good. I have to tell you though, that my favorite band of all time is Counting Crows. Apparently, I love them so much that I haven't even gone out to get their newest CD. Do people still buy CDs?? I do, damn it! :-)

I'm definitely game.

I love the Sugarland version of "Come on Get Higher" more than Matt Nathanson (but maybe you'll still be biased because of his last name :).

Right now I also love "Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickleback.

Am definitely up for another swap. We watched American Idol (which ends this week) so I've totally into music lately.

Yes! Let's do a CD swap! Life Mix sounds fun, maybe with stories for each song.

I love Shawn Mullins, too. We listen to some music on our TV, but Marcus usually hogs the remote and puts it on the 80s alternative channel. (not that I mind) Dean and I were jamming to the 90s station the other day. He was not impressed that I knew all the words to "All For Love" by Color Me Badd.

We switched to DirecTV about a month ago, and I turn on the Coffee House station every morning. Most of that stuff, Matt Nathanson, Jack Johnson, Mat Kearney, Jason Mraz, etc., that's what I'm listening to most of the time.

Both are awesome ideas that I could totally get behind, although I'll voice a slight preference for the summertime mix option.

Hubby and I listen to A LOT of different music depending on who we're with, or if our children are in hearing range or not. I'm down for a swap though. Life mix sounds good, although Summer time mix may be better! :)

I have to second the Sugarland recommendation for "Come on Get Higher". Even if you aren't a big fan of country. Their harmony is fantastic.

I love Amos Lee, and the Indigo Girls. IG have a new album out!

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