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June 23, 2009


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You have it all figured out. There is a super balance with all of the components of your life: home and family, work and process, and personal space and development.

It's always a cheerful experience to pop open my blog reader in the morning and see a post from you. Then when I read your entry I think of twenty-seven things to comment on...until I see baby pictures. And then all I've got after that is Awwwww! Look how sweet! How BIG! How sitting!!!! Holy cripes! (You realize there is a solid chance Nathan's feet will pound the pavement before Marin, even with their five month difference? Haha.)

I'm so glad things are coming together for you. An exercise program does amazing things, for sure. I'm feeling it, too, both physically and mentally. Thanks for pulling me on-board.

You seem to be getting everything in order. I bet as you meet more people at church, you can find a babysitter or two you trust (maybe even another set of parents that you can trade off with for day-time babysitting). Hope the trip goes smoothly and you get back home today!

Isn't it funny how after a while, the balance between Being A Mom and Being A Woman just kind of... happens? I think back to that first year and the guilt I felt over doing anything for myself. And I'm not sure when exactly it changed, but it did. It's so much better now! I don't have the 2 kids, of course (God Bless You!) but I think the adjustment period is similar regardless. Good for you for the 8+ pound loss!!

Good for you! I find that when I take care of myself I feel good and when I feel good I AM good. Everything else falls into place if I can find a way to sqeeze myself in. I thought it would be easier as a SAHM but really its not. I still have to schedule it and force myself a lot of the time but its always, always worth it.

I cant belive that Nathan is 4 months already! Time flies, indeed.

Your kids are getting so BIG! How did that happen? Who said they could do that??

I'm so glad to hear how well you're going. Regardless of the fit of your clothes or the number on your scale, I think you're getting the biggest benefit out of your regular exercise: the good feeling that comes from taking care of yourself. Keep up that good work! You deserve it.

I'm thrilled for you that you're finding a good balance.

My parents live in Springfield, MO. Maybe you can visit Branson while you're close by. I call it Vegas for old people!

It sounds like your 20 minutes a day is making a HUGE difference! Awesome possum!

And your kids. Thanks for the pics. I still can't get over Kara & specifically ALL THAT HAIR!!

This was a pleasure to read. The contentment is palatable!

Darn it! This is so what I get for abandoning my blog-reading for so long. I'm ten minutes from Springfield! I would have bought you margaritas to quell your homesick-ness. The kids are looking adorable as usual - can't believe what a KID Kara looks like.

Congrats on your weight loss! I gotta say, the 20 minutes a day DO make a huge difference. I think the Shred is one of the first things we've all done for ourselves since we all had our babies and it's great! (Though I 100% fell off the bandwagon during vacation and now must start over...but I didn't gain any weight while I was gone, so that's good!)

I think our little circle of blog pals is hitting a milestone. We all seem to be reclaiming our sense of self and figuring out how to be women AND moms. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Hope you had a good trip!

"It's amazing that even though I'm now a .......respectable working professional, I still have the overwhelming tendency to act like just like I did in high school. Putting off major projects until the last minute. Staying up ridiculously late. Pissing my time away because I don't have the wherewithal to focus."
You wrote the perfect description of me here too!

I was delighted to discover today that you had a personal blog, as I have enjoyed reading your Parents blog. I can totally relate to your frustrations over your house and laundry. It never seems like there are enough hours in the day. I have a habit of pushing off exercising myself. Even though I know it's important for my health and that I feel better after doing it.

Also, I have that same boppy cover on my boppy right now.

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