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June 15, 2009


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I SOOOO miss Angela Chase! sigh.

I am the same way about traveling - thinking every stranger is a potential ax murderer! The biggest thing to enjoy is the uninterrupted sleep!

I don't think I could do the cab thing on my own - I would freak out! That would be the only reason to get a rental car for me - I am in control (and I would have a GPS so I didn't get lost). I hope you have fun in Houston. Note - it isn't the prettiest part of Texas by any stretch. DFW isn't much better. Austin and San Antonio are the nicer areas. So don't make a big assumption about Texas until you see SA and/or AUS!

I would never be a good traveler on my own. Next time you're going somewhere let me know. I'll hunt high and low for a sitter, haha.

Flying freaks me out. A nice, quiet trip away by myself (yourself) sounds wonderful, though.

Business travel isn't all it's cracked up to be, is it? If you come to St. Louis, we'll splurge on Subway and frozen yogurt. :)

Every time I get on a plane, I think about LOST. It doesn't help that when I was living in NYC, I worked with Michael Emerson's wife and he accompanied her to the airport once as we were leaving to do a gig out of town. Can you imagine Ben Linus being the last guy you see as you pass through security? FREAKY.

I know you miss your family so much, and I know they'll be ecstatic to see you on Wednesday. Try to enjoy some "me" time if you can, or at the very least, sleep through the night and take really long showers!

I don't even like going to the grocery store alone, so needless to say I've never done the travel by myself thing. Soon you will be home hugging those adorable little babies! I know it's not ideal but a breather, even in work-related form, can refresh you.
@Jen L.- That would truly, completely freak me the eff out. I don't think that man could look un-creepy or un-menacing if he tried (which is why he's my favorite! ;))

Good adjustments along the way. That was the best it could be. Sometimes losses just need to be cut and move ahead in the best possible way. Good focus on business.

B- check out Brain, Child magazine. I think you'd dig it.

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    What can anyone do to me?"
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