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July 01, 2009


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Oh my gosh-- they are so cute! Mine are 22 months apart, and they have recently reached this magic stage-- at 14 months and a little over 3-- where they play together without me, and it is so nice I want to have another!!

Normally I think people are crazy for having more than two, but considering how cute these two are, well, I wouldn't think that of you. You guys make good kids. :)

Oh that video is so dang cute!
I am so, so excited for you guys because the brother and sister thing only gets better from here. With 27 months between them, at 3.5 and 18 months, Rowan and Keaton are best friends (well, you know, except for when they're not). They play so cute together and have their own special games and ways of doing things. Most nights Bill and I just sit on the floor and watch them play, and I tell you there is just nothing sweeter in the whole world.

I just hope AJU5 is as good of a big sister as Kara is!

Yeah! This is the best part of multiple children. The fun they have together. :o)

That video was too cute. (Nathan, welcome to the world of Doing Whatever Your Older Sibling Sees Fit, haha.)

Good thing I'm NOT having any more because my ovaries exploded the first time Kara kissed him on the head in that video. Oh, my word, they are sweet! Nathan's turning into quite the looker! It's precious that Kara's so into him now. She's gonna be such a good big sister.

So cute!
Oh a 3rd will mess it all up. Ha! In all seriousness, 3 is a lot of work but it's also wonderful. Watching my youngest 2 kids play with each other, the one getting the other in trouble on a fairly consistent basis, is just smile-inducing. Well, when it's not frustrating anyway.

It will only get better and more enjoyable to watch! I love that my two oldest are such great friends and playmates...at 6 and 4 they really have so much fun together! Now they're just waiting for their little 9 month-old brother to catch up and join the fun!

Waaaaaaaaaaay too cute for words! Kara's giggles made me smile today.

That video is so cute that it makes me want a second child! Preferably an easygoing jolly little boy like Nathan:)

Nothing like the scarf on the head trick to get the people laughing!

It is such a joy to see them interact with each other. They play every well with each other. That adds to the house holds positive feelings.

Ha! Nathan is the spitting image of his daddy, isn't he? So glad they're finding amusement in one another!

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