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July 23, 2009


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I am so sad about the Parent's blogs! I love reading your updates there as well as everyone elses! :(

Sorry about the parents job. They are making a mistake. This form of communications is now. They need to stay with the now world; otherwise they will go backwards. Good luck in networking with others. Have fun.

I'm so sad to hear that. I've loved reading your blog on Parents.com, but I'm so glad to have discovered your personal site. I love your writing, and am glad I still have a place to read it (also to see pictures of your adorable children).

I'm going to miss those posts! Just gotta keep up with this one! I hope you have a good time.

Boo about the Parents blogs... I'm not even a parent and I read most of them because they are SO well-written.

Enjoy the time at BlogHer... I'm sure that it is going to be an awesome experience when it's all said and done!

I'm sorry to hear about Parents, Bree (at least you get to keep the great babies, eh?!) Maybe this is your "God closes a door, opens a window" thing.

I have to say with all of the BH chatter that is on the interweb, I'm sad to not be there with you this time around. Next time I opt out when you're going, kick my ass. Hard.

So sad to hear about the Parent's blog, Bree. It holds so much of you and your family over the last couple of years- of course it's an emotional blow! That blog is how I found you and so many other blogs but I know I will be able to keep up with you here (I hope! You're so busy!) and I also know you will be successful in whatever endeavor you pursue next. You're honest and fun to follow and that makes for a big draw.
Have fun at blogher!

I'll be sad about the Parents blog but I do like knowing that I will be able to get my Kara and Nathan fix by checking just one fabulous site!
Have fun at blogher....wish I could be there too!

I am also so sad about the Parents blog. It was the very first blog I ever read that was written by someone I didn't know, thus making you my first blog friend! I first logged on when we were both about 3 months pregnant with Kara and Dean. I have loved the little group of folks I've met through the comments section over there. It kind of seems like the end of an era. But Eva and rkmama are right...we'll be able to keep in touch over here.

I wish I was at BlogHer! I would sit and be overwhelmed with you and we could crack Your Mom jokes to amuse ourselves. Have a fantastic time. I hope bed time goes well and tonight is easy for you and Luke!

I'm so sad to hear about the Parents blog too; I read yours, Emily's and Lindsay's over there, and I'm going to miss them all!

It was really nice to meet you yesterday; I hope you're having fun and that the bedtime routine wasn't too hard on all of you!

Boo to Parents for shutting down their blog community. (Never mind that I stopped reading because of the whole lack of reaching parenting thing.) It was still nice to know it was there for the time when.

Have fun a BlogHer!

I hope the Parents thing turns out to be a huge blessing, although I know now it doesn't seem that way completely. I think they are making a big mistake, but I guess in the tough economy they are just trying to cut costs as much as possible!

At least you will still have this blog! But, we will have to pester you if you don't blog regularly here because we won't have the back-up of the other blog!

Sorry to hear that. I read faithfully, even with no kids. I love catching up on everything going on in your life and with Luke and the kids. Just make sure you copy and paste all those entries somewhere so you can always have them.
Enjoy this weekend!

Oh no! So sorry to hear about Parents' decision, I guess everyone is feeling the economic pinch. It's just so sad to put an end to such wonderful blogs!

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