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July 26, 2009


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How cool that you got to meet Amalah! I would have had to seek her out if I'd been there, mostly to kiss baby Ezra. I'm going to DC next week and I have seriously considered emailing her to ask if I can wave at her from across a street or something. :) Alpha Mom would be super-lucky to have you write for them.

Sorry your date night with Luke didn't turn out like you'd hoped. Hopefully you two can have another date night soon. Marcus and I have recently resigned ourselves to the fact that our date nights revolve around sitting on our couch watching HGTV. And you know? That's ok. Most of the time.

Good job in networking with the other people. It was a real person to person interaction. Mixing it up with the top people is a great experience.

Glad you had a good time. It is definately on my list of things to do. Just not sure when.

It was so nice to meet you too and so glad you got to meet so many people whose blogs you like to read. It's always awesome putting the faces (and generally surprisingly short stature) to the writing, isn't it?

It sounds like going to the conference has given you a bit of freedom! It's kind of liberating to know that you can post whatever's on your mind, without it being perfection, if it just keeps the discipline of writing regularly alive.

Amalah may be the Queen of blogging, but I tell everyone that you are the Crown Princess.

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