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August 18, 2009


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That was a cute picture, I can't believe how big both of them have gotten! They look like they enjoy one another's company, which is so nice!

The Tori concert sounds amazing! Was she rocking her AMAZING red hair?

You look amazing girl! The picture of Nathan made my heart melt. I sent my baby to Kindergarten today and it seems like yesterday he was still snuggling in his crib. Hold them close, they grow so fast! Glad to hear Kara is communicating w/ words now. Now she will probably talk non-stop!

Your kids are adorable! It sounds lke everything's going great with your family.

The picture of Nathan holding the lion is certainly very sweet as is the picture of Kara bathing George and the one of her pointing to the very big two.

Luke could spend another night in the old house, but he would need a sleeping bag as the furniture is at the new home. Plus, our new house is very close to where the two of you got married. :)

Nathan's lion is sort of like the one his uncle had at that age. Kara's two is my old caddy number. Good pick of numbers.
I have some five Tori cds that were extra ones from the joining of our families. At present, I am logging as many titles as I can. To listen and study any one person's works is not something that I have done for a long time, if ever. Right now, it is "Raspberry Swirl".

Look at that sweet muffin with his lion! That is so cute that Kara washes her animals in the tub. Also, Danny is freakin' adorable! I know your whole family is proud of all the beautiful children.

Everyone is so cute!!

I have 6th row tickets to Brad Paisley next month, but my husband bailed, so I have to figure out what to do with the extra. Sell it for an amazingly high price? Get a friend to go? Sounds like your concert was awesome :-)

What did you do during the concert? Stand up and sing and yell and act crazy, or just sit back and relax, or somewhere in between? The only other concert I've been to was Brad Paisley two years ago. My husband bailed on that one too, so my 6 year old was my date (bad idea). I wasn't sure how to act. But I wasn't as stuffy as the real cowboy in front of me (he wore a vest from a real working ranch), so that was good :-D

I'm excited to hear that this was the best Tori concert for you. I'm seeing her next month and I am very excited!

Your kids get cuter every day. Pleased to see you all doing so well.

Your kids are so adorable. I love that picture of Nathan sleeping. How sweet.

What cute pictures! And you look great. Congrats on all the activities you've been participating in. Really need to get my act together and start doing some. The lovey thing is great. Nathan looks adorable curled up with the lion. Nick didn't latch on to anything until he was almost a year, but is now in love with a red Ty giraffe. It's a limited edition, which we also have in brown, but he only likes the red and won't sleep without it.

Ok, time to delurk.... followed your blog over from the parents website.. .boy am I a bit pissed they're getting rid of the blogs! Anyways, just wanted to say hello, I love your writing, and by the way, your children are absolutely adorable. The pic of your son holding the lion made me tear up (but than again, I'm 19 weeks pregnant, so a lot of things do that...)

oh, i forgot to mention that part! It's a boy! he's freaking adorable. He's floating around my blog right now in the form of ultrasound pics (sorry if this is the wrong place to respond to your responses... parts of this whole blogging thing still confuse me!)

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