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August 10, 2009


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Good luck, and FYI you can get fancy running shorts & shirts at Marshall's & TJ Maxx for super-cheap--think Nike shirts for $7.99.

Happy running!

Hm, I'm a much bigger fan of this couch-to-5K plan: http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml

It's more detailed and focuses more on building endurance. Build endurance first, then work on speed. That's the trick. Good luck!

Before I read Liz's comment I was going to suggest you take a look at a different Couch to 5K plan. Then I read Liz's comment and found that we were on the same wavelength :-) She provided the exact link I was going to give you. It's a 9-week program, so you'd have to compress it a bit to fit it in. I did it last year but chickened out on actually ever running the 5K race.

This year, now that I've decided to work on my fitness again, I had made a goal to run the Ragnar Relay next summer. But that goal has been derailed because my husband is moving across the country for a job and we can't afford for the rest of the family to follow yet. In the past when I did Couch to 5K I took all 3 kids with me (1 in a crappy stroller, 2 on bikes or scooters), but I don't think they could do much more than 3 miles. So training for a longer race is out for now. And once it snows, having the kids out on scooters is going to be a no go. So, I'm trying to figure out what to do instead -- run until we can't any more and then do DVDs inside the rest of the winter? I think I'll get bored, but it doesn't seem like there's much choice.

Good luck with your 5K!!

It looks like that web site has the needed plan for achievement of the goal. But I will say that the hard day/easy day is good idea. Time is need to develop the body. The mind thinks faster than the body grows stronger. Time is many better than distance as a measure.
On race day, start slow and go faster later into the event. Starting fast requires too much energy. That energy is better spent over the whole time of the distance than just at the start.

I am not an athlete AT ALL, but I actually really love running. It's so fun to push myself that extra 30 seconds or whatever. I can see a huge difference in my body-- much more toned. Also, I workout in the oldest most atrocious clothes in the world, and running outside is way more fun than the gym-- it's a really budget friendly exercise :)

Good luck and can't wait to read about it.

I can say with certainty that you are NOT an idiot. You'll love it, and crossing that finish line with all those people cheering will feel amazing.

And if you end up needing to walk part of it, I can guarantee you won't be the only one.

Good luck!! You can get cute little t-shirts and shorts at the Goodwill store really cheap and maybe even find some on freecycle..

I think your plan is great. My husband and I can't run because we both have bad knees, but we love to hike and ski. Now if we would only make time for those activities... well, I have to wait a few more months, but he is getting ready for the annual 6 mile hike in October and hasn't done any exercise since last year's. So, I don't think you are totally crazy!

Good luck! It's so much fun. When I started running after I had Maureen, I had to do it in little steps, as I was WAY out of shape. I'd run for a block, then walk for a block, then run for a block, etc. Eventually, I upped my running and decreased my walking.

I wish you the best. I doing the Shred right now and then plan to start the couch to 5K. There is one in November I'm thing of doing, which will be my first. Now if only I could get my husband to start exercising - he's promised to do it with me.

Yay Bree! Running is awesome. I recommend TONS AND TONS of stretching after every run though...a good 10-15 minutes, to avoid getting shin splints and other injuries that can really set you back.

Also: the first 30 minutes of every run are the minutes where you're getting into your groove breathing-wise. Once you pass that 30 minute mark you may be surprised to find that you can run forever.

Also: ipod. Or radio with headphones. Or old skool walkman. Whatever...something to set the pace. But not too loud - gotta be able to hear the traffic:)

Have fun!

Your running plan sounds great. Although I can (could) run fast, I never succeeded at running any distance. Even though lots of equipment is not needed for running, a cute little t-shirt would be nice. However, particpating in these community racing events usually includes a new t-shirt. Even the shirt is not cute, the shirt symbolically proclaims athletic prowess of the wearer.

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