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August 05, 2009


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Is it bad to admit that I sometimes read your posts at Parents but never commented because I couldn't be bothered to register?
Yes. That's probably bad.

Two thumbs up to refocusing your energies to writing here, where you belong! :)

I'm *thinking* about BlogHer in NYC next year. Since I haven't been home in years now. I could show you around!

I can't wait to read you more "here" where you feel more at home. I really have enjoyed your Parents blog - it's what introduced to me to blogs overall (I'm a little slow). Wish I could have come down to Chicago to meet you!

I wish BlogHer 2010 were in the cards for me, but seeing as how I'll be a new mommy with a six month old baby, I'm fairly certain that traveling clear across the country will give me a heart attack.

Thanks for this perspective on the event, though. So many of the accounts are from people who seem to be right there in the thick of things that I wonder what it's like for people who don't get millions of hits/day and feel overwhelmed by the whole thing.

So glad to have you back here, lady!

While I started reading you here before Kara was born, I have really enjoyed your Parents posts. I'm also a working mom and have a little guy who's just a bit older than Nathan. I so appreciate your honesty about what it's like to find balance (or the lack thereof).

Looking forward to continuing to read you wherever you write.

I am one of the readers that found you on Parents.com and have followed you onto this blog. I have enjoyed reading both of your blogs and am glad that you have this one for me to fall back on when the parents.com one ends.

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