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September 22, 2009


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I'm glad you're still doing the updates. I've always enjoyed reading them. I can't believe how big she's getting! I was thinking about Kara's word for cat "wah" and perhaps she is trying make a meowing sound? My 18-month-old say mow for cat.

Great process with words. She is moving ahead with words and numbers. Thinking all the time. Owl was one of her daddy's first words. Family tradition, I guess.

I know a lot of kid's tv is brain-meltingly bad, and a lot of it that I remember (or my husband STILL watches on DVD) is violent or scary, there is a lot now that is really good and positive. You might try the Backyardigans - that has always been my daughter's favorite. It is essentially a cartoon musical with animals, that has a moral. She loves to sing and dance along, so it's more interactive than just sitting glued to the screen.

And I have one of those Step 2 kitchens. Yeah, not cheap, but she has played with it a LOT, and it came with a ton of dishes and plastic food included (more than you'll want around, trust me!) :)

We are there with you on so many things! (dogs, potty, stroller, toddler behaviour, shoes) Hopefully Kara won't be afraid of the potty chair like AJU5 is though (loves to look at it but refuses to sit on it). And she is so big! AJU5 is still in 18-24M things with the exception of a few 2T tops (and wears size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes).

I am so glad you'll continue the updates here! Later on there will be so much you've forgotten and will be asking Luke which kid did what and said what. More guilt, haha. I can't believe Kara is inching so close to two already. Time flies. Love, love the updates. :o)

I've seen a lot of play kitchens on craigslist - nothing fancy, just the plastic Little Tykes stuff - may be worth checking out

And seriously? Shoes in size 9.5? 3T clothing? Incredible. Kara's diet sounds quite diverses for a 21 month old to me! I have one of those "yogurt and nut butter and red peppers and pretty much nothing else" kids.

We got Megan a bumbo potty insert seat and she LOVES it! Sits on the toilet, pretend wipes multiple times, and flushes! No peeing or pooping in there yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Thanks for the update!

I love that you're doing your updates here. I always look forward to them. We want to stay in the loop with Kara and Nathan! What is up with beef being the devil??? It's that way at our house, too, only chicken is even MORE devilish. Pork, however, is acceptable, particularly if marinated in balsamic vinegar. (WTF?)

If you have Noggin, you may want to check out Jack's Big Music Show. It's our favorite. Lots of music and dancing and cute animal things. Dean actually said his first sentence (and by sentence, I mean 2 words with some gibberish in the middle) while watching that show.

Sigh. I wish boys were as interested in potty training as girls. Dean still stands in the middle of the living room and makes a productiong out of going number 2.

Kara is, as always, magnificent, especially when she wears a ponytail.

I love that you are still going to do these. Nathan and Alexander (my baby) are so close in age that I especially like reading his. It's nice to see how our kids are growing. It makes me feel better sometimes because I have someone I can relate to. Thank you.


After giving this some thought, Wah for cats may make perfect sense. What do cats say? They say. "Meow-wah."

I love to read the updates, as I have a 20 month old and a four month old and who am I if I can't compare unfavorably my kids with your geniuses? :) I want to recommend Hi-5 for a good tv show. It's on Discovery Kids (103 or 104? on Brighthouse) at 9:30 weekday mornings and it's super cute and has humans singing and dancing. My 20 month old is enthralled by it.

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