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September 19, 2009


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Can I ask what kind of carrier you have? We are planning a second baby and the carrier I had with Maggie was horrible. Starting to look for suggestions. Good for you for getting out with both of them. They really looked like they enjoyed the day! Nothing better than sleeping kids in the car.

It's different with the second, isn't it? More of a "have baby, will travel" mentality. With baby 2 we just went...that boy spent the first two years of his life napping on the go.

You'll so appreciate those moments in a few years, and the photos...so much of the first two years of two kids is a blur to me, but I remember those special days. And I have pictures! I know I was there!

I'm so glad you're digging the carrier! I couldn't have lived without mine those first several months. These pictures are some of my favorites you've ever posted of the four of you. Nathan is cuter than cute in that hat and Kara looks like she's having the time of her life! I'm so glad you guys got to take a special day for yourselves to play outside. Glad Luke doesn't have Hamthrax, too.
Also, my thighs could give yours a run for their money in the pasty department...

What a beautiful park. Great pics.

Love the pics. I love the look on Nathan as he hangs on his daddy. They are so damn cute. I am totally freaked out about the flu.There is always someone who brings a sick child to church and with the new baby in the house I guess we will be spending less Sundays at church this winter. Hope Luke is feeling better.

I think there are different symptoms for H1N1, right? More of a sore throat type thing? I hope?

These pictures are excellent, we will have to try the (heretofore unknown) park for a nature walk of our own! You look great!

That sounds like a great park and a great day! I used the carrier a decent amount, and it is easier than the stroller unless you are actually going for a walk!

I loved my carrier. Sadly, Dillon has completely lost patience with it. He screams and head butts me until I take him out of it.

Looks like ya'll had a blast at the park. Yay for happy babies!

Great photos - I'm sure I'm not alone in being very happy to have your attention back to this blog!
And yes - ode to baby carriers. My ergo is STILL in pretty much daily use with Megan. I recommend carriers to anyone I meet who's pregnant. Yes - even strangers!

We have spent many weekends at state and county parks this summer- it is an awesome (and cheap!) way to spend the day.
You guys look like you had a fabulous time, love the pictures! We always take the sacked out in the carseat picture after we leave, as well. I can't even count how many of those we have of Rowan :)!

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