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September 08, 2009


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They are so cute. They both look so much like you and your husband...a fabulous blend of you guys.

*sigh* Babies.

so I just recently had to be ok with my family being complete. Which was ok with me, then not ok, then ok, well you get the picture. But I realized in the past month or so that I am ok & haven't teetered on that. Maybe because I've gotten the bathroom cleaned ALONE for the past 2 months or so. Oh I can shower while the kids are awake too! Awesome huh?!
We have a similar kitchen set which has been in full use for about 5 years, which I consider a good investment! I have a almost 6 year old daughter & 2 1/2 year old son, they both love it & play with it daily.

We've been having the "are we or aren't we done having children" talk too. I'm pretty sure we're done for the next 5 years or so. Then maybe we'll decide what to do about a more permanent birth control solution/or have another baby... whatev. lol

Kara and Nathan are absolutely beautiful!

I would first like to slug you in the arm for putting a first-thing-in-the-morning picture of me on the internet. But then I will be nice to you again, because you're great. We had tons of fun with you guys this weekend. Can't wait to do it again.

Them's some purty young'uns you got there! (That's Alabama talk for "Your kids are gorgeous!") Kara looks SO grown-up in that last picture. She is such a beauty.
Great pics--looks like you had a fun weekend! Love the shots with the Lost A Sock gang.

I have to say the wooden kitchen we got for Rowan when she was 2 has been an invaluable toy. Both kids LOVE it! They "make" me eggs and pancakes every morning.
Kara DOES look more grown-up and that picture of Nathan sleeping? Oh my goodness, so sweet.

That one of Kara looking out the window is amazing, especially with the reflection in the window - so deep in thought.

Great to see all of you this weekend!

And I wondered what Molly would say about that picture...I just now read comments above!

Can't believe how big Nathan is getting! Didn't you have him just yesterday? And Kara! She is so cute. So tempted to have a third just for the chance to have a girl.

My husband and I are debating on all the big-kid transitions for Nick - he's almost 18-months and a booster seat and toddler bed are among the transitions were considering. I'm just not ready.

Kara does look so grown up in the last picture! When did she stop being a little baby and go to really big girl?

Super time was had by all. Kara and Nathan are moving right all with their lives. Such joy.

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