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September 02, 2009


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That's a good blog post title :)

I'm also training for a 5K.

RE: The Budgeting: I suck at it. And PB&J is what I have for lunch today.

Love the pictures you interjected between your writing. What an awesome way to accentuate the new paths you are pursuing.
Bill and I are finally out of denial and have started living on a budget instead of out of our savings account which sucks because we have to think about every single purchase we make but now we're on the track to getting rid of our debt and hopefully into a more fitting dwelling in the next 2 years. It's hard but it feels good to be in control.

I'm a CPA and I STILL struggle with budgeting. I get the concept... but put into practice... yeah not so much. Hope yours goes well. :-)

You look great, and it sounds like you're starting to feel great and make goals, which is excellent! (In terms of exercise, I think switching it up every 2 months or so is good for your body anyway--as long as you keep moving!)
I love the Botanic Gardens next to the Zoo. Sometimes we skip the animals and just play with the train and in the fountains and have lunch in the grass.

Great pictures! I bet you will figure the budget out fairly quickly. And pasta is another cheap meal that the kids often love!

I love this post.
Hooray for next steps.

What a great post this was. I really enjoyed it.

I'm sorry to see Parents go, but glad you will be here more. It's you in either place, but I've always liked this font better. Ha!

Also, I too am doing a 5K (wal-king, though) on the 26th. Will we be in the same city? For the same cause?

Wait. It's not the font. It's the color scheme I like here.

Also, you look smokin hot up there in the zoo picture!! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Getting things done is hard work. There needs to the desire and then the know now to get it done. Life style questions are most difficult. After, this next 5K is the future. Wait and see how this effort plays out before choosing what is next. I went 10 years of jogging with an eye towards racing. It was great fun. You will see how you feel after the event. Just remember don't start too fast. You can always pick up the pace later on. Don't burn up your energy at the start. Acceleration the pace over the whole distance is the most productive use of energy.

All the pictures are nice. The ones of the children are very nice. Doing life together. Grandpa likes them all.

I followed you on Parents.com, & am a fellow shredhead. But the past 2 weeks, I just haven't done it. I've been going for 2 mile walk/jogs instead. Doing the shred, I lost a lot of weight in the beginning but nothing after so...back to the workout drawing board I go!

Oh yea...from reading above it sounds like I will see you tomorrow, too! I hope...

It looks like Kara isn't climbing in the shark tank. Just my loony kids then. You look great!

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