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September 09, 2009


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Can I just say that I for one am really very glad you took the job at Parents. I think I said this before but it was your Parents blog that got me into reading (many) others (as well as your entire archive! Hope you got something for all my page views!). I still look forward to your posts - regardless of how long or short, pictures or none because you are simply someone I enjoy reading!

I admit I rarely read your parents blog because 1)it didn't cooperate with Google Reader and 2) the log in for comments issue you noted above. BUT I was very impressed that you got paid to blog. So many people would LOVE to get paid to do something they enjoy and do anyway. So you're lucky. But the archives situation is a bummer.

I often didn't comment on Parents but read all of your entries there just like I do here! That said, I have always preferred this blog to your Parents blog :)

It is so interesting to know the numbers. Why we find income-speak so taboo is beyond me. I always wondered exactly how much your Parents gig paid, since you mentioned many times that the additional income was so helpful. I'm glad it came along at such an expensive point in your life, and that I didn't miss a singly entry!

You could definitely work for a site helping them figure things out a bit better...if they'd had you in the planning and development department maybe their blogs would have survived!

ps - I found you through the club mom shout-out courtesy of Amalah too!

I really liked your Parents blog, but always liked your personal blog better because here you seemed like a real person. (Did that make sense?) I guess I just felt you were speaking from your heart here and speaking more to an audience on the Parent's blog- which makes total sense.
I also like this blog better because you swear. I loves me some sassy Bree :)

I didn't comment much either but read every single post. I loved that it was a way to keep up w/ you while you were away from your personal blog, but I missed you here! I want to know more than just who is up with a cold, I missed the regular Freema!
I'm sad that your family lost that income- that part sucks- I'm happy that your back "over here" where I much prefer your true style!

I'm so glad you shared the ins and outs of this experience with us. I'm with the others--I read every single entry over on Parents, but always felt like I was getting more of the real Bree here. This is your home.

Thank you so much for sharing all this! I find it incredibly interesting, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Major props for not just signing the contract as-is... I wouldn't have even realized that requesting revisions was an option.

I Had never head a blod before in my life until i came across your parents. YOU are the reason I read alot of blogs now, I commented once in a while, but by the end I felt like you were a friend even though Ive never met you! I was so happy when I found this blog and I really enjoy it! I wanted to ask you, how do you like living in Indianaplois (thats where you live isnt it?) I live in Toledo, Oh and we HAVE it, its just not a great place for kids and Ive heard alot of great things about Indi. Look forward to reading you!

Your Parents blog was one of the first I started reading and why I now read a lot of other blogs and keep one of my own. Although I wish I had started a lot sooner. I also discovered your personal blog through your Parents blog. I love your writing at Parents, but always wanted to know more than just what was going on with your children, as much as I like to hear what's going on with your children. As a working parent of young children I often feel isolated, and the blogging community really helps me to feel like I'm not alone. And it's all because I discovered your blog on Parents.

Like others, I read the Parents blog regularly, but commenting there was just weird. it didn't feel as natural as it does here for some reason (maybe due to the lack of others commenting). And, I would have never thought they wouldn't let you have your archives. I could see restrictions (like not posting them), but I would have thought they would have given you a copy just for you!

AJU5'S Mom: When I say "access," I mean access to post on my personal blog. I typed all of my entries in Word before publishing them, so technically speaking, I do have access to the actual words. I just can't do anything with most of them!

As another Parents blogger and former ClubMom blogger you couldnt have published a more relevant post.

I am NOT the blogger who thought to retain rights of my archives and I'm STILL trying to convince the legal team there to reconsider ownership. Every morning I wake up and eagerly check email since I'm 4 hours behind NY here in AK, excepting AT LEAST a response, like we got your email and we'll get back to you. But nothing.

During my two years with Parents it was my only blog so two years of stories, including Elias's first independent steps at age 5, my miscarriage, and all the ups and downs inbetween--how do I choose which to take with me?. I still havent read through to pick out the 10-15 b/c I just what them all. And I'm ranting in your comment section right now, Frema, b/c you opened up a vein.

In my latest email to Parents i shared that one of my readers had asked if I'd have access to my archives so she could share some of the posts with her son, who also has CP, when he is older...I mean isn't there more value in that than in a corporation retaining rights to words they will never again use?!? Since ClubMom handed over our rights when they folded I just assumed the same would be true and I know I'm the idiot who signed the contract and a contract is a contract but WTF!

Ok thanks for letting me dump. Like you I will miss the salary, especially since with my high-risk pregnancy i lost my dayjob too, but I do NOT miss the annoying pop-up ads, log-ins, or frustrating writing "tools". And yes, I like that I can write when I want to and not because I have to...

I suppose I should wade through my archives now so I can at least bring some with me. Sorry for the ramble. THANKS for writing this post.

I stumbled across you on Parents and I'm so glad I did. I enjoyed your writing over there and followed a link to this blog. I'm glad you shared some of the ins and outs of your experience at Parents with your loyal readers. :)

I am crying over your mortgage payment. Mine is almost 4 times that. You guys definitely did it right!

Ditto to everything above...never registering on Parents in order to comment because of the hassle, the fact that you are more yourself on this blog...
So sorry to know of how much you had to lose - that have been SUCH a relief to know each month that check perfectly covered your mortgage. You should have had Parents send it directly to your lender! ;)
Glad you're back here more regularly!

Over all the Parent's job was a real learning experiment. The best course of action can, not most of the time, be picked the first time. There will be errors to be learned from over the course of time. Good job on the Parent's blog. Its time has come and gone. They made that choice. I think that they made a bad business choice. But that is too bad for them. You are moving on and your readers are going with you.

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